Saturday, November 19, 2011

This morning, I was so exhausted I called in sick and slept in until around noon. Maybe later. I knew I had a lot that I needed to get done, but I had a really difficult time getting myself started. Then this evening we had to finish getting the rental truck unloaded into our storage locker and they return the rental truck. It wasn’t until after dinner that I finally got to sit down to start writing, and by then it was after 11 PM. But I decided to get some words in anyway rather than taking another zero word day to catch up to. I managed to crank out another 841 words, bringing my total up to 29,255. I need to put in a full day’s writing tomorrow and Sunday. This is the first time I’ve fallen behind the target curve and I really want to put in the extra effort to catch up. I am not going to let NaNoWriMo beat me!

29255 / 50000

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