Thursday, November 24, 2011

Another busy day today, but somehow between 6 and 7 PM this evening, I managed to get in a great writing sprint. I wasn’t expecting it, but the words flowed so easily. Figures that it was a bit of scene that wasn’t plot important, but was important for establishing character and motivation. It was emotionally important, so it was easy to write. That little sprint netted me 1183 words for today. Still about 300 some words short of where I should be, but I should be able to catch up with that. I am now over 75% done, having written over 38,000 words in this novel. I expect that I won’t be writing tomorrow, due to the Thanksgiving holiday, but I’ll be dedicating Friday, Saturday and Sunday to trying to reach that 50,000 finish line!

38018 / 50000

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