Balticon 47

Balticon 49 has been and gone. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my schedule far enough ahead of the con to post it. This year’s schedule was a little lighter than years past, but I did manage to get recordings for most, if not all, of my panels. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record a lot of other panels. In years past, this would have been a minor thing. This year, I’m producing the Balticon Podcast! So I really need audio from this year’s con for the podcast! Actually, I need audio from Balticon 46, 47, 48, and 49, because the Balticon Podcast has been on a hiatus for the last few years, and we need to make up the gap. So, who has audio they can share?


At long last, we have come down to the last episode of the Balticon 47 Wrap up. We hope you’ve enjoyed the long journey to get there, and that you will likewise enjoy this final episode. For our last episode brought to you from Balticon and Swimming Cat Studios, we bring to you the last panel from the New Media Track at Balticon 47. This panel is entitled Multi-Creatives and it is an examination of why some artists are drawn to create in more than one media, how they manage it, and why they continue with it.


The end is nigh! But it is not yet. This week Swimming Cat Studios and Balticon are pleased to bring you a special sneak peek at at upcoming anthology release for Balticon 47 Wrap up, part 20. The anthology is titled “The Way of the Gun” and was created by Scott Roche as a special tribute to his love of old westerns and old bushido movies. Scott has created a world where gunslingers govern their actions by the code of bushido, Followers of the Clockworker tinker and invent to improve the word, and Judges are slowly becoming corrupted by the lure of riches. Five authors now bring your their glimpses into this world, and this episode shows you three of those glimpses.


Time once again for another episode of the Balticon 47 Wrap up. This week, we’re looking at a subject that has come up year after year due to the huge level of interest. Whether you are a writer, podcaster, graphic artist, or some other type of creative, if you’re going to try to make your work available online, or just keep up an online presence to tell people about your works, you’re eventually going to want a content management system. While there are many good content management systems out there, for most people the best combination of power, flexibility, and control in managing your content leads to WordPress. To help you make sense of all these options, Balticon’s New Media Track put together this panel: WordPress 101


Writing is often a solitary occupation. But periodically, there are events that will bring the writing community together for mutual support and the friendly spirit of competition. One such annual event, is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. Each year, during the month of November, The Office of Letters and Light, and writers everywhere, challenge each other to write a 50 thousand word novel in just 30 days. Some folks revel in the challenge, others despair of meeting their daily word goals, still others despair for the flood of self-published first drafts that are sure to flood the market in December and January, presuming to be finished without editing or review. No matter your view on NaNoWriMo, it still has a lot of good lessons to teach writers who are looking to move their writing up from a hobby to a more professional level of production. Professional quality comes later, as one learns the value of editing…


Sometimes, at Balticon, an event will come together that far exceeds anything that anyone could have planned. If you’re very very lucky, someone will record that event. If you’re even luckier, that person will let you use that recording in your podcast! This increasingly unlikely set of circumstances is what makes this episode possible for your enjoyment today! One warning before we go any further: The content in this episode is very, VERY funny, but it is also extremely offensive. If you can be offended, you should expect that something in this podcast will offend you. Since you have been warned, anything that happens from this point on is your own fault.


Our last episode focused on the business of being a writer, but this episode is focused more upon the skills needed in writing. No, we’re not talking about typing skills or penmanship. What we are talking about is the techniques that different authors use in constructing their stories. This is actually an age-old debate about which method is better for plotting out and writing your first draft: creating a detailed outline, or just sitting down and writing?


If it is Monday, then it must be time for another episode of the Balticon 47 Wrap up, courtesy of Balticon and Swimming Cat Studios. Today’s episode covers one of the most important subjects for any writer who wants to make the transition and become a professional Author: How do you set up your business. Most authors are sole proprietorships, and  without a little business savvy, they can find themselves becoming victims in the marketplace. As an author you make your living selling rights to your stories. While you can have someone else run that part of the business for you, you need to have enough business knowledge to know when they are doing a good job, and when you need to get someone else. As a new author, you usually can’t afford to hire someone to do the business end, so you have to hire yourself.


Even on a holiday weekend, the Balticon 47 Wrap up rolls on! While most folks are enjoying some time off, or an intense retail experience, Swimming Cat Studios is bringing you another installment from Balticon. This episode continues the our look at the BBC’s Doctor Who series as we approach the 50th anniversary of the series coming up later this year. This week we are looking at our Favorite Villains from Doctor’s 2, 3, and 4. Lady Ozma, aka Jacalyn Stanley, returns as our moderator and her son Caramon Stanley, Author Alicia Goranson, and myself filled out the rest of the panel as we examined the various villains from classic Doctor Who with a little help from our audience.


Greetings, friends! Time to kick off another week with an episode of the Balticon 47 Wrap up. This week we’re taking a look at the history of the BBC Science Fiction serial Doctor Who, and what it has meant for each of us. Doctor Who is coming up on its 50th year anniversary, but has managed to keep hold of the minds and imaginations of viewers in increasing numbers from year to year.

Our panel for this week is Growing up Who, a look at how Doctor Who has affected each of our lives and the lessons we have learned from watching it. Moderating the panel is Lady Ozma, aka Jacalyn Stanley, and filling out the panel are her son Caramon Stanley, Larry Reclusado, and myself. The panel takes a look at what it was like for each of us to grow up watching Doctor Who, both the classic series for most of the panelists, and the new series for Caramon. We look at how the series influenced our outlooks on life, and how those changes have shaped our lives, and how the series itself has changed over time.