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It is that time of year again! I am heading off to Balticon 53. If you’re going to be at the convention, here is where you will find me (and yes, I am moderating an awful lot):

Friday, May 24th

6 PM

Writing Scripts Based on Your Own Work

Pride of Baltimore II

Come learn the process of turning your fiction into a script, whether it’s for a movie, play, comic or audio drama. Doc Coleman (Moderator), Charles Brown, Jay Smith, Mike Luoma, Mark Redfield

8 PM

Readings: Brinkley, Coleman, Ventrella

St. George

Authors Jamaila Brinkley, Doc Coleman, and Michael Ventrella read from their works.


ScoTori Selects Short Story Writing Chamion

Pride of Baltimore II

In Apirl 2019, Scott and Tori Pond from ScoTori Entertainment issued a short story writing challenge to the Balticon New Media Community. In this live podcast recording, the top five writers will read their short stories and audience members will vote on who is the best of the best. (Come Cheer me on to victory! Your cheers will help me take the top prize!) Scott Pond and Tori Pond (Moderators), Doc Coleman, Paul E. Cooley, Laura Nicole Spencer, Keith Hughes, Tim Dodge

Saturday, May 25

10 AM

Steampunk vs Gaslamp Fantasy

Room 7029

Sorcery & Cecelia or The Difference Engine? Captain James T. West or Thomas, Lord Darcy? What makes a work steampunk and what makes a work gaslamp fantasy? Is there a significant difference or is it merely cosmetic? Doc Coleman (Moderator), Scott Roche, Jamaila Brinkley, Phillipa Ballantine, Michael A. Ventrella

2 PM

Finding Your Online Voice

Pride of Baltimore II

In a crowded virtual marketplace, how do you find your style and use it to stand out? Doc Coleman (Moderator), Billy Flynn, Tee Morris, Chad Dukes, J. P. Beaubien

5 PM

Autographs: Coleman and Berman-Gorvine

5th Floor Lobby

Autograph tables are located in the 5th floor lobby near the Con Suite. Come see these authors and talk to them about their work! Doc Coleman, Martin Berman-Gorvine

Sunday, May 26

12 PM

Copyright and Faire Use Law in New Media

Pride of Baltimore II

Copyright law can be particularly tricky when you are dealing with audio and video production. Panelists will discuss how much you can get away with under fair use, how to license music, and what really happens when someone files a claim on YouTube. Doc Coleman (Moderator), James R. Stratton, Karen Osborne, Movie Mike, Tom Reichert


Zeppelins in Mumbai

Room 8029

Steampunk started out rooted in Victorian (British) ideas of culture and technology. From the North American (Weird) West to India, from Johannesburg to Point Hope, it’s expanded to encompass a multicultural view of the world. Who’s exploring this space now, and what are they doing to avoid falling into the trap of a colonialist worldview? Lisa Hawkridge (Moderator), Day Al-Mohamed, Terri Flynnstress, Tee Morris, Doc Coleman, Alan Smale

3 PM

A History of Podcasting

Pride of Baltimore II

Panelists will discuss the history of podcasting and how it’s changed over the past 15 years. Doc Coleman (Moderator), Christiana Ellis, Nobilis Reed, Mike Luoma, Ryan Haupt

9 PM

This Kaiju Life LIVE!

Pride of Baltimore II

The audio diary of a perfectly ordinary IT guy working at a very extraordinary company. Nobilis Reed (Moderator), Scott Roche, Doc Coleman, Charles Brown, August Grappin, Erin Kazmark, Keith Hughes

Monday, May 27

11 AM

Twitch for Dummies

Pride of Baltimore II

What do you need to know about starting a livestream? How do you build a community, and how have Twitch and other streaming services changed the way established creators interact with their fans? Doc Coleman (Moderator), Christiana Ellis, Tee Morris, Fred G. Yost

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