Things have been slowly returning to normal, or at least what passes for it around here. My wife has done much better with her recovery, and that has given me time to get back into my writing.  So, at the end of March, I returned to the Magic Spreadsheet and began a new writing chain. This has led to some interesting developments. [click to continue…]



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Argh. I have missed two #WriterWednesdays, and The Wayback Machine seems to have crashed as soon as I started doing #FlashbackFridays. What happened to me? What is going on? [click to continue…]



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Yes, this is a very, very late #WriterWednesday post. In fact, it may not even be Wednesday anymore by the time it goes up. But I think I’ve got some very good reasons for the delay… and some very good news for folks who’ve been waiting for new releases from me. All in all, it has been a very, very busy week. [click to continue…]


An interesting thing happened yesterday.

Last week, I got together with the Galley Table crew and we recorded an episode of the Galley Table talking about PayPal’s latest shenanigans in trying to censor online content by threatening to withdraw their services to online booksellers like Smashwords. PayPal’s take on things was that a) they didn’t want their service to be associated with morally questionable content, and b) they were being pressured into it by the credit card companies that they do business with. We called bullshit. The products that PayPal wanted to censor (and worse!) are sold every day in brick and mortar stores using those credit cards. Nobody bats an eye. For that matter, much worse things are sold on e-Bay, PayPal’s parent company, and paid for via PayPal. If PayPal wants to censor content, why not start with e-Bay?

So last week we recorded, and Episode 61 of Galley Table went live yesterday. And do you know what happened?

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Today we are letting the Wayback Machine take us back to January 15th, 2011. We didn’t have any guests, so this one is just me, Scott RocheZach Ricks, and Jeff Hite. Join us as we send up Star Trek captains, self publishing, and author love. And somewhere along the way we actually managed to have a semi-serious discussion about the craft of writing. Give it a listen!

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Today I have published my first short story, The Gift, on Smashwords. The story in question was first released on the podcast Every Photo Tells… and was nominated for a Parsec Award in 2010. Now the text is available in print on Smashwords for just $0.99.

This is my first story on Smashwords, but it won’t be my last. Keep your eyes out for more news on further writing and publishing adventures. If you’d like to see more of my writing, please buy a copy of The Giftand encourage your friends to do the same. The money I make will help fund future projects, and encourage me to make more time for writing.