Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another day at work, today. Then home through horrid traffic, and then going out to exercise in the rain. After getting cleaned up and grabbing dinner, I barely had an hour to work on writing before it became time to record today’s Galley Table. But I managed to get some words written during the show and afterwards. It wasn’t much, but another 1254 words will keep me ahead of the curve to finish on time. Now I’m over 70% to the 50,000 word goal with 36,835 words written. And I think I’m finally through the tough middle section of the book. Now things should get interesting!

Oh, and I’ve come up with a new working title. The Adventures of Crackle & Bang had always pretty much referred to the entire series, but now I’ve finally come up with a working title that I like. So, until I come up with something better, my novel will be known as The Perils of Prauge: A Crackle & Bang Adventure.

36835 / 50000

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