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by Doc Coleman on September 18, 2013 · 7 comments

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When I was re-listening to the audio for The Business of being an Author from Balticon 47, I was reminded of an issue that I had started to address a while ago, but then I got sidetracked and let it slide by the wayside. And that issue is branding. No, not the kind of branding made popular by cowboys marking cattle as part of their herds… Or maybe I do mean that kind of branding, just not as applied with hot irons on tender, living flesh. At least not mine.


A lot can change in a year, and yet, a year can speed by you so fast, leaving so much undone.

This time last year, I was looking back at what I had done since my last birthday, and making plans for how I was going to move forward over the next year. Looking at it now, it sure seems like a lot of the things I had planned out last year didn’t end up happening. At least, the way things developed certainly was not what I originally planned. Whether that will turn out to be for good or for ill, time will tell. Perhaps I’ll know next year.


Wow. Will you look at that. It’s July now. July. 2013 is half over. Halfway done. I’ve set some ambitious goals for the latter half of the year. Perhaps I should also take some time to take stock of what I’ve done so far. Let’s see how it breaks down…


Time once again for another episode in the Balticon 46 wrap up. This episode is a recording from the panel WordPress 101. Terri “Flynnstress” Vernon moderates the panel featuring Chooch Schubert from the band Ditched by Kate, Gary Lester from Channel 37, and yours truly. In this panel we talk about WordPress, why we use it, and how it can help you manage your online content. WordPress is a very powerful tool, made more powerful by the many plug-ins that expand its capabilities.

Show notes below the cut.


… someone else.

Oh, well. While it would have been nice to get a job offer right out of the gate, it would also have been pushing the odds a bit too far. But I’m not really discouraged. I submitted my audition on ACX last Tuesday, and on Thursday, I got contacted by two different authors inquiring about my availability. That was a little unexpected. Of course, these were just inquiries, not actual job offers…


Hello, ACX

by Doc Coleman on January 23, 2013 · 0 comments

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After being on the fence about it for many months, this past week I finally broke down and created a profile on ACX. What is ACX, you say? And well you might ask. ACX is the Audiobook Creation Exchange. Audible.com created ACX to promote the creation of digital spoken word content. This makes a lot of sense because digital spoken word content is what Audible sells. They need to get that content from somewhere, and ACX is part of making that happen. ACX creates a marketplace where rights holders, aka publishers, authors, and other empowered agents, can find narrators, studios, and producers looking for work. Here’s how it works…


If you’ve been reading along here, you’ve seen me refer to a story that I’ve been writing for Philippa Ballantine and Tee Morris’ Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences. I’ve been referring to that story up until now, by the code name “Northern Mists”. Well, no more. Today I can finally reveal the true title, because today the Ministry released Tales from the Archives, Volume 2, Episode 7, “The Cross of Columba”, written and recorded by yours truly, audio editing and sound effects by my lovely wife Keetara, scoring by Tee Morris. And to put the cherry on top, the release date is Kee and my wedding anniversary!


Along came a logo…

by Doc Coleman on August 9, 2012 · 2 comments

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At long last, we finally have a logo for Swimming Cat Studios. For those of you who have been looking at the “Logo coming soon” message up on DocColeman.com and on the Swimming Cat Studios Facebook page, this will surely come as good news. I’ve been working off and on with artist and author Helen Madden, aka Cynical Woman, for over a year now, ever since Balticon 45. In fact, her insights have done a lot to help me shape the current design of the site.


Once more, I stand victorious, having weathered the storms of another year. A lot has been thrown my way in the past year, but I’m still in the fight. While my weight loss has become more of a struggle in the past year, my health has gotten better. It still warms my heart when people tell me that I seem to be smaller every time they see me, even if I know it isn’t strictly true. While some things haven’t exactly taken off for me, I’ve still managed to move forward and gain a better understanding of the writing world that I’m trying to break into.

My plans have changed for the coming year, but I believe those changes will make me more successful in the future.


Today, I finally completed my first draft of my first novel. This is a big milestone, but the work is far from over. The draft clocked in at 77,759 words, but I have to admit that there are a few notes stuck in there for things to be fleshed out, and a few sections I’m pretty sure that I’m going to cut. And given that I’m at least two editing passes from a submittable draft, the final version could be considerably longer or shorter.

Still, I think it is pretty respectable for my first time out of the blocks.

Of course, this is no time to sit backup upon my laurels. This is still a lot of work to be done, and I’m already planning out the next steps.