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This weekend, the fall convention season marches on. For me, that means that it is time for Capclave. I’ll be there and I’ll have books in tow. I’ll have both copies of The Perils of Prague and The Shining Cog and Other Steampunk Tales for sale and available for signing. But you’ll need to catch me quickly, because I’m on a LOT of panels this year, and most of them are back to back. Just take a peek below and see where you can find me.

For more information about Capclave, check out This year it is being held at the Rockville Hilton.

Friday, September 28

Copyright, Trademark, and Creative Commons

Monroe, 6pm – 7pm
Tags: Panel

Intellectual property law and how it impacts both fan and pro writing

Toward a More Diverse Genre

Truman, 8pm – 9pm
Tags: Panel

How do authors portray persons of color, disabilities, and gender in their stories? Science Fiction and Fantasy have come a long way and have often been at the forefront of these issues and sometimes not. What more needs to be done? What’s the next step in portraying a more diverse universe?

How to Self-Edit That Lousy First Draft

Monroe, 9pm – 10pm
Tags: Panel

Sometimes a first draft of a story is just not in a state you want to send to an editor or publisher, and yet too promising to simply set aside. What’s a good mindset to identify the pieces that can best be salvaged in revision? How can a first draft go from lousy to respectable with the least amount of exertion that could perhaps be spent on other works?

Will the genetically engineered be seen as lesser people?

Jackson, 10pm – 11pm
Tags: Panel

Are the genetically engineered likely to be perceived as unter- or ubermensches or just regular folks?

Procrastination Panel

Washington Theater, 11pm – 12am
Tags: Panel

Description TBD. “Cat needs petting; will finish later.”

Saturday, September 29

The Care and Feeding of Writers Groups and Critique Circles

Jackson, 1pm – 2pm
Tags: Panel

What are writers groups and critique circles and how do they help or hinder writers? What are some of your own experiences with writer groups? Please share the good, the bad, and the interesting.

I Need to Finish this Story…

Eisenhower, 2pm – 3pm
Tags: Panel

What we do to force our butts into our seats and get writing and keep writing.

Alternate History and Historical Fantasy

Truman, 3pm – 4pm
Tags: Panel

Alternate history and historical fantasy are popular subgenres. How much research should an author do? How much history do you need in your fantasy? How many historical events do you need to change to spin out your alternate history in a logical manner?

Reading: Doc Coleman

Lincoln, 4pm – 4:30pm

Sunday, September 30

Author Table: Doc Coleman

Author Table, 12pm – 1pm
If you haven’t already gotten a book from me, this will be your best chance. Get them while they last!

Write What You Don’t Know

Eisenhower, 3pm – 4pm
Tags: Panel

Fantasy authors rarely get irate email from dragons saying they got it wrong. How to write characters from places and times that you don’t know but members of your audience do, and why it’s important to get outside your comfort zone.

Time Travel Storytelling

Jackson, 4pm – 5pm
Tags: Panel

A discussion of the cultural implications of time travel. Should an author use appropriate to the time language in their time travel and historical stories, or is it ok to use modern sensibilities? Is it fair to readers to give historical figures beliefs that were never shown in their real life actions.

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