Life, it has been said, is what happens while you were making other plans. My last post talked about some of the things that life has brought me, recently. This post, is about the other plans I’ve made. Last year, at Balticon, I started what I had termed my “summer project” to get my novel The Perils of Prague ready for publication by the end of the summer. That project did not go off as planned… [click to continue…]


Episode 10 of the Balticon 47 Wrap up continues our theme of working with narration and podcast fiction. This time we’re bringing you Helping Authors Find and Work Effectively with Narrators, moderated by Chris Snelgrove and featuring panelists Alicia Goranson, PC Haring, Nobilis Reed, and Renee Chambliss. The panel focuses on finding and working in the field of narration, both as an author and as a prospective narrator. [click to continue…]


Swimming Cat Studios is proud to welcome you back for episode 9 of the Balticon 47 Wrap up. This week’s offering is a presentation by Renée Chambliss on Narrating Podcast Fiction. Renée started as a novelist who podcast her novel on This led to an unexpected career as a narrator when listeners began contacting her to read their fiction. In this panel, Renée attempts to share what she’s learned about narration. [click to continue…]


A lot can change in a year, and yet, a year can speed by you so fast, leaving so much undone.

This time last year, I was looking back at what I had done since my last birthday, and making plans for how I was going to move forward over the next year. Looking at it now, it sure seems like a lot of the things I had planned out last year didn’t end up happening. At least, the way things developed certainly was not what I originally planned. Whether that will turn out to be for good or for ill, time will tell. Perhaps I’ll know next year. [click to continue…]


Wow. Will you look at that. It’s July now. July. 2013 is half over. Halfway done. I’ve set some ambitious goals for the latter half of the year. Perhaps I should also take some time to take stock of what I’ve done so far. Let’s see how it breaks down… [click to continue…]


… someone else.

Oh, well. While it would have been nice to get a job offer right out of the gate, it would also have been pushing the odds a bit too far. But I’m not really discouraged. I submitted my audition on ACX last Tuesday, and on Thursday, I got contacted by two different authors inquiring about my availability. That was a little unexpected. Of course, these were just inquiries, not actual job offers… [click to continue…]


Each week I keep telling myself that I’m going to stop waiting until the last minute to write up these posts and just do little installments as things develop through the week. Each week, that doesn’t ever seem to work that way. This week it has come to even more of a head, seeing as I wasn’t able to get this post finished and scheduled ahead of time. But that is because a lot of things have gone on this week… [click to continue…]


This past week my focus has been on ACX. I’ve been scouting out opportunities for some paying voice work gigs. I’ve noticed some interesting things while perusing through the lists of available properties looking for a narrator. Most noticeable among them: an awful lot of the work waiting for a male narrator are romance novels. I even looked at a few of them. After all, if it sells, it sells! But I quickly figured out why these romance titles hadn’t been made into audiobooks yet… [click to continue…]


Hello, ACX

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After being on the fence about it for many months, this past week I finally broke down and created a profile on ACX. What is ACX, you say? And well you might ask. ACX is the Audiobook Creation Exchange. created ACX to promote the creation of digital spoken word content. This makes a lot of sense because digital spoken word content is what Audible sells. They need to get that content from somewhere, and ACX is part of making that happen. ACX creates a marketplace where rights holders, aka publishers, authors, and other empowered agents, can find narrators, studios, and producers looking for work. Here’s how it works… [click to continue…]