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The time is almost upon us! Yes, Balticon! And if you’d like to find me at Balticon, here is where you can look. I will be quite busy this year, with 7 panels, plus a reading, a book launch, and an autograph session! I will also be in the Dealer’s room this year, as part of  a co-op of writers. If you don’t find me there, you should be able to find my book, The Perils of Prague. As for the rest of the convention… [click to continue…]


I know I’ve been silent here for a while. It has been almost a month since I’ve been able to update the blog, and I’m afraid I have to say that not all the news is good. We’ve had more than our share of family drama and it has played out somewhat harshly than we had hoped. The repercussions have sent a bit of a wave through our family and we’ve in the process of picking up the pieces. [click to continue…]


Last week I talked about getting back to work on writing the next draft of The Perils of Prague. I’ve made a start on it, but it is still slow going, what with everything else going on in my life. Still, I’m making progress. Moving forward. Unfortunately, now I’ve got to add something else to the mix. I’ve got some voice work commitments, and it is time to get recording again so that I can meet them. [click to continue…]


Three Episodes

by Doc Coleman on August 28, 2013 · 8 comments

in Voice Work

A lot can change in a week. And it can change in ways you don’t really expect. If you read last week’s #WriterWednesday  post, you’ll recall that last week I had signed on for a voice work contract for a property that I am really excited about doing. Well, that hasn’t changed. What has changed is that I can now say that I’m going to be part of the cast of P.C. Haring’s Slipspace: Harbinger podcast novel. Those sharp-eyed visitors to this site will notice that on my Voice Work page I already have Slipspace: Harbinger listed, and have had it there for a while. Well, that is because P.C. approached me about this role quite a while ago, but events on both our sides of the equation have delayed things from going forward until now. Now, we’re finally getting started with production! But there have been more changes… [click to continue…]


Behind the mic

by Doc Coleman on August 21, 2013 · 7 comments

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It feels like I’ve been able to get a lot done this past week. I’ve got a contract for a new voicework project, although I’ve not been given leave to identify the project yet. And that has gotten me back behind the mic again for something more than the Balticon 47 Wrap up. This weekend I recorded auditions for three new Audio Drama. Well, actually I think one of them is a continuing project that was in need of new cast members. [click to continue…]


Thank you, friends, for coming back for another episode of the Balticon 47 Wrap up .  This week we will be looking at Voice Acting for Audio Books and Audio Dramas,  moderated by Bryan Lincoln, and featuring panelists Brand Gamblin, Alex White, Keith R. A. DeCandido, and John Taylor Williams. In this episode we’ll be looking at tips and tricks for making the most of your voice acting, and how to adapt your style for dramatic audio productions. [click to continue…]


For part 2 of the Balticon 47 Wrap up, we’re jumping right into the action with a special episode of Metamor City recorded live at Balticon! Regular listeners of Metamor City will have already heard this episode, but for those who have yet to discover Metamor City, this is a taste of the high quality storytelling you will find from Chris Lester and the others who have been able to play in Chris’ world. [click to continue…]


In part 1, I talked about some of the wonderful people, both old friends and new friends, who make Balticon such an amazing event for me. In part 2, I went over a couple of the highlights of the first half of the weekend. Now, in Part 3, we’re going to look at the rest of the weekend. [click to continue…]


I just posted my schedule and already some things are changing! Most of them are small changes, adding or subtracting a few names from the schedule, filling in some gaps, identifying a moderator. That sort of thing. But there are some bigger things in store, too. We’ve added a new reading with author Justin Macumber on Sunday night! If you’re not making it to Balticon this year, you’re really missing out! [click to continue…]


It’s that time of year again, folks. Balticon 47 is almost upon us. And that means that it is time for me to share this year’s Balticon schedule. Now, if you remember my post from last year, you’ll remember that I had a really packed schedule last year. Well, things are looking pretty busy again this year. I don’t think it is quite as bad as last year, but it still looks like a very busy weekend is in store for me. [click to continue…]