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April begins next week, and for me, that marks the beginning of the convention season, starting with RavenCon. On April 5th I’ll be heading down to Williamsburg for another weekends of meeting with fans of all kinds of media, talking about writing and fandom, and, with luck, getting a few people to give my books a try. So, if you’re going to be in Williamsburg, VA for the first weekend of April, drop in and see me. And to help you do that, here’s a list of where you can find me at the con:

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Capclave time

by Doc Coleman on September 27, 2018 · 0 comments

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This weekend, the fall convention season marches on. For me, that means that it is time for Capclave. I’ll be there and I’ll have books in tow. I’ll have both copies of The Perils of Prague and The Shining Cog and Other Steampunk Tales for sale and available for signing. But you’ll need to catch me quickly, because I’m on a LOT of panels this year, and most of them are back to back. Just take a peek below and see where you can find me. [click to continue…]


It’s that time of year again: Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and that means Balticon! And, of course, that means that I’ll be heading to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to take part in the convention. I don’t have quite as full a schedule as I have had in year’s past, but I’ll still be plenty busy. If you’re going to be at Balticon, here is where you can find me… [click to continue…]


Convention season is upon us once more. For me, that starts this weekend with RavenCon. In a few days I’ll be putting the stresses of the past few months aside and heading to Williamsburg, Virginia for three days of panels, readings, workshops, and other fun. I missed last year’s RavenCon in the press to get The Perils of Prague published, so I’m looking forward to heading back this year. If you’ll be at the con, here’s where to find me: [click to continue…]


The time is almost upon us! Yes, Balticon! And if you’d like to find me at Balticon, here is where you can look. I will be quite busy this year, with 7 panels, plus a reading, a book launch, and an autograph session! I will also be in the Dealer’s room this year, as part of  a co-op of writers. If you don’t find me there, you should be able to find my book, The Perils of Prague. As for the rest of the convention… [click to continue…]


As I said in my previous Release Day post, we found a few typos in the paperback version of the book, so we had to delay it a few days. (For those of you who bought the Kindle version and downloaded it right away, be sure to get the updated download to correct those typos.)

Anywho… the paperback has been blessed and is now available for order!

It will take 3-5 days for the book to trickle through the process and make it to Amazon, but you don’t need to wait if you don’t want to. You can order it today from the CreateSpace store for $12.95, plus shipping and handling. If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you might want to wait for the book to trickle through.

Your choice.

If you want a signed copy, right now your best bet is to buy one from me at Balticon this Memorial Day Weekend. I will have some books with me, and I will be selling them with some fellow authors at a table in the dealer’s room.


It is convention time again. Time for what will be my last con of the 2016 convention season. Yup, I’m talking about the con in my back yard: Capclave. If you’re going to be in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area and you enjoy good fiction and want to hear all kinds of authors and other artists talk about the nature of modern writing, I know where you want to be this weekend. [click to continue…]


Yes, it is almost time for Balticon, my favorite con event of the year! And that means it is also time to publish my Balticon schedule! Which I would do… if I had it. Which I don’t exactly.B50_banner_1 [click to continue…]


cropped-RavenCon2016This weekend is Ravencon! I’ll be back at the con as a guest again this year, although the con itself will be in a new site at the DoubleTree in Williamsburg Virginia. I hope you’ll be able to go to Ravencon, and if you do go, here is where you can find me. [click to continue…]


Balticon 49 has been and gone. Unfortunately, I didn’t get my schedule far enough ahead of the con to post it. This year’s schedule was a little lighter than years past, but I did manage to get recordings for most, if not all, of my panels. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to record a lot of other panels. In years past, this would have been a minor thing. This year, I’m producing the Balticon Podcast! So I really need audio from this year’s con for the podcast! Actually, I need audio from Balticon 46, 47, 48, and 49, because the Balticon Podcast has been on a hiatus for the last few years, and we need to make up the gap. So, who has audio they can share? [click to continue…]