Last week’s cover reveal went so well, I thought I’d do another one. Unfortunately, I don’t write fast enough to get another book ready for a cover reveal in a week. Lucky for me, Lauren was able to help me out by having a book ready to reveal. And I’m going to help her out by revealing the cover of her book! [click to continue…]


Last night, a light went out in the podcasting firmament. We lost one of our own, P.G. Holyfield. This past weekend, it was announced on the site of PG’s latest project SpecFic Media, that PG had been diagnosed with a particular type of fast acting cancer. His first symptoms were noticed in July, and by the time he was diagnosed, the cancer had already progressed beyond the point of any treatment. With that announcement, a fund was started to raise money to help defray P.G.’s medical bills, and to help provide for his three daughters. In 24 hours that fund raised over $10,000 dollars. Unfortunately, that is still a drop in the bucket with the outrageous medical costs in the States. P.G. may be gone, but he still needs our help. [click to continue…]


Today I get to be part of a momentous event that has been years in the making. Up until now, my role has been solely as a spectator, so I’m pleased to be offered the chance to add “presenter” to my name tag. It all started many years ago with a story of magic and madness set in the distant shores of New Zealand. A story, told ably by a native daughter of the land, one Philippa Ballantine. Pip podcast this story back in the day, and it was met with great enthusiasm and demands for print copies. Only one problem: publishers in the big markets (read the U.S. of A.) didn’t think that anyone would buy a book set in New Zealand. This was no doubt because they couldn’t find it on the map, and their ideas of what the reading public would like to buy were works of fiction in themselves. Many years went by… [click to continue…]


In my previous post, I talked about my experiences on Friday night at Capclave. In today’s installment, I’m going to talk about what happened Saturday.

The first panel I wanted to attend on Saturday started at 10 AM. That didn’t happen. Well, actually it did happen, it just happened without me. After such a long day on Friday, I was too tired to get up early. It was after noon before I finally dragged my carcass out the door and headed to the con. When I got there I did not like what I found. Or rather, what I didn’t find. [click to continue…]


Choose to be more

by Doc Coleman on September 11, 2013 · 7 comments

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This post was inspired by a conversation I had on Facebook this weekend with a fellow writer who has had a difficult time of late. It was also inspired by many, many conversations I have had with other friends who have expressed their gratitude and their respect for all the work I have put into being an author and a voice actor. At first, I didn’t understand where that respect was coming from… [click to continue…]


This is a late #WriterWednesday post, and it is also going to be a short one. Hopefully I’ll be able to add in a longer post later in the week. As you can tell from the title of this little missive, work has dominated my life of late. I had a good, long Fourth of July weekend, in which I was able to go to a couple of parties at friend’s houses, see some fantastic fireworks, play some Cards Against Humanity, and watch the cook consistently give my burger to someone else. It was a good time, but it came to an end all too soon. And then, the dayjob attacked! [click to continue…]


Time to bring Back from Balticon to an end. This is part 4, the Final Installment. (cue dramatic music) Time to take a look at Memorial Day Monday. A day to do more than franticly pack up your hotel room and say teary good-byes to friends old and new in the lobby (although that happens too). It is a day to take some time to remember those men and women who gave their all to establish and defend America, and be grateful for the things that their sacrifice has brought us. It’s also the last day of con; there are still panels going on, and some of the coolest stuff is saved for last. [click to continue…]


Balticon 47 is over all too soon. It was an incredible, amazing, action-packed weekend, and as much as I look forward to getting some rest now, I would like to have a few more days of it! I guess we’re all going to be looking forward to next year. In the meantime, there are squirrels to juggle…

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Well. Let’s face it. This isn’t going to be a sparkling NaNoWriMo post. Two days and no words written. At all. Of course, the reason for that is a good one. We attended the Carolina Renaissance Festival to pay homage to some fallen friends that we lost in the past year. In the process, we celebrated their lives by having more fun, and by discovering new family and making new connections that would not have been possible without the friends that we had lost.

Writing will continue later today.

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