Carolina Renaissance Festival


After saying farewell to all of our friends at the Carolina Renaissance Festival this morning, and picking up our rental car, my wife and I drove down to Georgia for the beginnings of our viking raid. The plan had been for me to write while she drove. She usually enjoys doing most of the driving. But less than an hour into the drive, her eyes started trying to close and she needed me to drive. I had written around 400 words, so I agreed to take a shift at driving. Once we switched places, she pretty much sacked out for the rest of the trip and I drove the rest of the way down to my brother’s house. Once we got the car unpacked, I was able to sit down and do some writing. I got the daily count up to 2088, bringing the overall total up to 24,300. Just shy of half way.

24300 / 50000

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Well. Let’s face it. This isn’t going to be a sparkling NaNoWriMo post. Two days and no words written. At all. Of course, the reason for that is a good one. We attended the Carolina Renaissance Festival to pay homage to some fallen friends that we lost in the past year. In the process, we celebrated their lives by having more fun, and by discovering new family and making new connections that would not have been possible without the friends that we had lost.

Writing will continue later today.

22212 / 50000