Last night, a light went out in the podcasting firmament. We lost one of our own, P.G. Holyfield. This past weekend, it was announced on the site of PG’s latest project SpecFic Media, that PG had been diagnosed with a particular type of fast acting cancer. His first symptoms were noticed in July, and by the time he was diagnosed, the cancer had already progressed beyond the point of any treatment. With that announcement, a fund was started to raise money to help defray P.G.’s medical bills, and to help provide for his three daughters. In 24 hours that fund raised over $10,000 dollars. Unfortunately, that is still a drop in the bucket with the outrageous medical costs in the States. P.G. may be gone, but he still needs our help. [click to continue…]


The previous post released earlier today was written last night before we went to bed. Little did we know then that in a few short hours events would change so much as to wreak such dramatic havoc on our day. It has been hard to bring myself to write this post, but I feel I need to put these feelings into words somehow. The following is a tragic tale, and may be too much for some readers. If you think this description fits you, I will understand if you choose to re-read the previous post and skip this one. [click to continue…]