Back from Balticon 47 – Part 1

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Balticon 47 is over all too soon. It was an incredible, amazing, action-packed weekend, and as much as I look forward to getting some rest now, I would like to have a few more days of it! I guess we’re all going to be looking forward to next year. In the meantime, there are squirrels to juggle…

Old friends

One of the favorite things about Balticon is the chance to see friends that you don’t get any opportunity to see any other time of the year. Even though this was only my fourth time at Balticon, I have a host of old friends to see, and it seems like one never gets to have enough time with them. Amongst that number are P. C. Haring and Chris Lester, who both missed last year; Veronica Giguere, who gives some of the best hugs; Scott Sigler and A. Kovaks, who are living the dream of full-time writing and publishing; Mur Lafferty, who just released her first Big Six novel ;Paul E Cooley, who can still take a verbal thrashing and come back for more; Doctors Pamela Gay and John Cmar, who deviously smart and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet; Brand and Allison Gamblin, who had their wedding the Thursday before the con; Nuchtchas, Tek, and Mark, the Encaffinated one, who are our regular Canadian Contingent; Starla Huchton, Nobilis and Dee Reed, Vivid Muse, and Chooch, who live close by in Virginia, but we still don’t see enough, and L. “Scribe” Harris, who is making the big bold step of moving away from the day job to chase her dream.

There were many more old friends that we saw this weekend, but if I try to list them all, I’ll be here until next Balticon linking to all of your sites!

New Faces

Balticon is also a great opportunity to meet friends you only know from online and finally put real faces with the names. This Balticon I got to make that connection with three very special people.

Jeff Hite, who was the driving force behind Flying Island Press’ Pirates Cove online audio productions, and one of the regular hosts of Galley Table. This was Jeff’s first Balticon, and we were very glad to finally have him join us.

PJ Schnyder, a romance writer, who actually lives in Maryland and is surprisingly close, but whom I’ve managed to miss meeting up with in some fashion or other for over the past year. It was great to finally meet PJ, and find out she’s just as fun to be around in person as she is on-line.

Last but not least is Melissa Hay, who I actually saw at Balticon last year, but didn’t find out who she was or make her acquaintance online until after the con. Mel is a reviewer of some note, and over the past year, she’s discovered me and my work, and has flattered me by paying attention to what I’ve been doing. She’s become the most frequent commentor here at Swimming Cat Studios, and I’m very happy to have her feedback and support.

New Friends

The other great thing about Balticon is the opportunity to meet fantastic people you had no idea existed, but now find that you don’t think you could live without them.

I think the first new friend I made was K. T. Bryski. I think I was specifically admonished to look out for her as this was her first Balticon, just after I had met her in the run of things. Strange the way Twitter sometimes works. Anywho, besides being an attractive young lady, and an author in her own right, K. T. is also a brewer, as she works as part of a living history museum up in Canada. Of all things, we whiled away a morning breakfast talking about making beer. Great fun.

Next comes Kortney Hogan, who is Pamela Gay’s new girl Friday, managing all the details of getting Dr. Pam where she needs to be and doing what she needs to do. Pretty, smart, friendly, and fun to be around. I’m so very glad to have added this lady to the people in my life, even if I’m only likely to see her one weekend a year.

And then there is Rosemary Tizledoun, one of the ladies of the Pendragon Variety Podcast. This young lady and I have a bond that don’t know that I can adequately describe. Ever meet someone and you just click together like magnets? As if you’re part of a greater whole? There is definitely something like that here. A feeling of family that goes beyond biology.

And so much more…

There is so much more I want to say about this weekend… but only so much time and space to do it. So I’m going to end this here and continue this post tomorrow. I’ll talk to you then.

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