Welcome to Paradox

This post is partly inspired by a post from P.C. Haring. P.C. has had a very bad September. The theme of his post is “Why do we fall, sir?” The answer, of course, is so we can learn to get back up. But that got me thinking… There are many reasons why we fall. Some trip. Some will leap for greatness and fail to catch themselves. And some… are pushed. [click to continue…]


A lot can change in a year, and yet, a year can speed by you so fast, leaving so much undone.

This time last year, I was looking back at what I had done since my last birthday, and making plans for how I was going to move forward over the next year. Looking at it now, it sure seems like a lot of the things I had planned out last year didn’t end up happening. At least, the way things developed certainly was not what I originally planned. Whether that will turn out to be for good or for ill, time will tell. Perhaps I’ll know next year. [click to continue…]


Today, I have the opportunity to do a very special post in the Pimpin’ Your Friends category. The friend in question is the lovely and talented Starla Huchton. Starla is not only a friend, she’s my cover artist. She did the cover for the e-book of my short story “Welcome to Paradox” and she will be doing the cover for my steampunk novel The Perils of Prague. She’s got a very nice business as a freelance graphic designer over at Designed by Starla, doing book covers for independent authors and publishers. Today, Starla is releasing a very special cover, and I have the privilege of bringing that cover to you. [click to continue…]


Things have been slowly returning to normal, or at least what passes for it around here. My wife has done much better with her recovery, and that has given me time to get back into my writing.  So, at the end of March, I returned to the Magic Spreadsheet and began a new writing chain. This has led to some interesting developments. [click to continue…]


Writing again

by Doc Coleman on April 3, 2013 · 2 comments

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Last week I wrote about my life being on Pause, but now I’m back writing again. What gives? Well, this week things are getting to be more under control, and last week’s post was really explaining the past two week’s absence…

My wife has been more mobile this week. She’s even started walking about in the house using just a cane. It takes her a bit to tighten up the muscles, but she’s doing it. She’s also noted that some things that caused pain before, she can now do without pain. This is a really good sign. She is getting more self-sufficient, and that means that I’m getting more time to catch up on things. I’ve started on mundane things like dishes and laundry, but I’ve also been able to squeeze out some time to start writing again. My last post was actually written on my phone while I was riding to work. Now I’m getting a chance to actually sit down at the computer and begin doing some work.

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by Doc Coleman on March 28, 2013 · 2 comments

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Argh. I have missed two #WriterWednesdays, and The Wayback Machine seems to have crashed as soon as I started doing #FlashbackFridays. What happened to me? What is going on? [click to continue…]



by Doc Coleman on March 13, 2013 · 2 comments

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Yes, this is a very, very late #WriterWednesday post. In fact, it may not even be Wednesday anymore by the time it goes up. But I think I’ve got some very good reasons for the delay… and some very good news for folks who’ve been waiting for new releases from me. All in all, it has been a very, very busy week. [click to continue…]