Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The previous post released earlier today was written last night before we went to bed. Little did we know then that in a few short hours events would change so much as to wreak such dramatic havoc on our day. It has been hard to bring myself to write this post, but I feel I need to put these feelings into words somehow. The following is a tragic tale, and may be too much for some readers. If you think this description fits you, I will understand if you choose to re-read the previous post and skip this one. [click to continue…]


A moment of joy…

by Doc Coleman on August 7, 2013 · 0 comments

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The Alpha Read for The Perils of Prague continues. The pace is a bit slow so far, but I have two readers who have given me good, consistent feedback. Once they’ve gotten about half-way through the book, I’ll begin working on the third draft and shortly after that the Beta Read should begin. I have to admit that I have been tickled with some of the comments I’ve got from the Alpha Readers… [click to continue…]