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The Alpha Read for The Perils of Prague continues. The pace is a bit slow so far, but I have two readers who have given me good, consistent feedback. Once they’ve gotten about half-way through the book, I’ll begin working on the third draft and shortly after that the Beta Read should begin. I have to admit that I have been tickled with some of the comments I’ve got from the Alpha Readers…

Just today, one of the readers told me that he keeps getting sucked into the story and then has to go back and try to remember that he’s trying to offer commentary. That in itself is a great comment on how much my writing has improved over the past three years. Everyone who has commented has been anxious to get their hands on more of the story. This does make me wonder a bit about the few readers that haven’t given me any comments yet. I guess they haven’t actually started reading the chapters I sent them. I probably should poke them and ask if they’ve started the reading yet.

I’ve been somewhat gleefully sharing the comments I’ve gotten on Perils with my wife. She says this is a sign that I’ve got a really good book on my hands. She has even suggested I should look at shopping it out to a publisher. She thinks that if I could get someone to look at it, they’d want to snap it right up. There is a certain temptation in trying to shop the book around, just for the potential advantage in having access to a publisher’s editing staff to help make the book better. Of course, the problem is that I still think of Perils as being the first installment of a series, and I don’t want to get the rights entangled in a fashion that would keep me from continuing to write and publish new books in the series. This was a big reason why I decided to self-publish the book in the first place. That, and the fact that even doing a single round of submissions could significantly delay when I’d be able to publish.

And that isn’t even considering trying to arrange an agent to shop the story for me.

The returns for self publishing are usually better, too. True, you don’t get an advance, but you do get the publisher’s share of the proceeds along with the author’s share. A bigger slice of the pie as it were. Of course, just because I self publish doesn’t mean I can’t turn around and shop the book to a traditional publisher as well. There have been quite a number of books that were self-published first and later picked up by a publisher. First publishing rights don’t seem to be the magic bullet they used to be.

So, while I’m not holding a publishing contract in my hands, I am holding a voice work contract! Ok, I’m not actually holding it. It is sitting beside me. Would be difficult to try to touch type while holding a contract. I can’t say much more about this contract, as the agreement isn’t final yet, and the producer hasn’t given me leave to announce my participation in the project. Probably wouldn’t object to it, but it is way too early to give any boost to the final project.

This is the most lucrative contract I’ve been offered yet, and it is a project that I am very much looking forward to working. But there are a number of other players for this project, and I don’t know if any of them are on contract yet, much less all of them. So, I’m afraid you’ll just have to deal with me being vague for a while.

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