Thursday, May 5, 2011

Next up from the Wayback Machine, the fifth episode in the Bird House Rules/Nifty Tech Blog joint review of Twitter clients for iPad. In this one we’re looking at TweetTime. We weren’t happy with the original audio from this episode, so then we re-recorded this the night before the post was to go live over Skype. This was also the first time we had to pan an product after we’d decided to include it in the series.

This was the last episode of the crossover to be podcast, but not the last episode of the series. Tee’s writing career heated up shortly after this episode went life and he was unable to find the time to finish editing the final episode, or indeed publishing any additional episodes of Bird House rules. While I’m quite glad for the personal and professional success that Tee has had, I do wish that folks could hear that last episode. That was the one where we were most on form.


More from the Wayback Machine soon.