April 2011

My return to the Galley Table! This marks my beginnings as the Galley Table Stowaway. I knew when Galley Table was to be recorded, so I went onto Skype a few minutes early and hoped that they would include me on the call. And that is pretty much what happened. Scott Roche placed the call and included me in with everyone else.

Back in those days, I pretty much considered myself as an “extra” guest on the podcast. I stayed quiet at the beginning, letting the regularly scheduled guest have their say first before chiming in with my two cents.

This show wandered a bit from topic to topic. Among the topics covered were the perceived legitimacy of electronic publishing, and how to bridge from a short story to a longer novel. The last is interesting because I think that is something that I hope to do in the coming year.


More to come from The Wayback Machine. And a lot more Galley Table, at that.


Next up from the Wayback Machine, the fourth episode in the Bird House Rules/Nifty Tech Blog joint review of Twitter clients for iPad. In this one we’re looking at Twittelator’s transition to the iPad. Along the way we also discuss some design mistakes that we’ve run into along the way.


Still a couple episodes left in this series. Go ahead and check them out over at Bird House Rules. More from the Wayback Machine soon.


My debut on the new Galley Table podcast. Scott Roche was looking for a guest to discuss how technology was affecting reading and the future of Storytelling. Pretty much right up my alley. So we jumped on Skype and recorded this episode.


This was the beginning. But not the end.

Look for more posts from the Wayback Machine in the coming days.


Giddy!  I am giddy! Want to know why? I’ll tell you why. This time last year, I was just a tech blogger with aspirations to be a podcaster.

This year, I’m a Parsec Award Nominated writer.

Let’s say that again. Now, I have my own podcast, I’m a regular on the Galley Table Podcast, I’m a contributing writer to Flying Island Press’ Flagship Magazine and the Every Photo Tells… podcast, and I am a Parsec Award Nominated writer!


If you’ve not heard of the Parsec Awards, the Parsec is an award for excellence in Podcasting that is given out every year at Dragon*Con in Atlanta. The Parsecs are given out to shows that are deemed to embody the best of Speculative Fiction for each year. Speculative Fiction embodies Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi elements in storytelling.

Mur LaffertyMichael R. MennengaTracy Hickman founded The Parsec Awards in 2006 to celebrate Speculative Fiction Podcasting, under the banner of Farpoint Media.

Podcast shows are nominated by fans, and finalists are chosen by a yearly steering committee. Those finalists are then voted on by an independent panel of judges from outside of podcasting. Awards are given in several categories ranging from content to audio quality.

So, the easiest part of the process is getting nominated. But it is still an honor because someone out there liked my work enough to nominate it. Or three someones. Because I didn’t just get nominated for one story. I got nominated for all three stories I did for the Every Photo Tells… podcast. If you’d like to check them out, those stories are Episode 24 – The Gift, Episode 32 – Welcome to Paradox, and Episode 51 – The Price of Surrender. Nominations end June 1st. At that point, we’ll have to wait and see if any of my stories move on to the Finalist stage.

If you’d like to see who else was nominated, you can check it out here.

Fingers crossed!



Have you subscribed to Flying Island Press’ Pirates Cove latest audio production, Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. No? Well why not? all you have to do is go to your favorite RSS catcher and enter the URL http://feeds.feedburner.com/MidSummerNightsDream. They’ve just released Act 2 Scene 1, and this is where it gets interesting, as mortal intrigues get mixed up with the power struggles of the fairy kingdom. Can Titania unravel the plottings of Oberon? Will Lysander and Hermia’s love win out? Will Demetrius steal Hermia away, or will Helena turn his false love for her to true? And how is Puck mixed up in all this? And what of the players and their play?

You need to go to Pirates Cove and subscribe! This is an excellent audio production. Don’t trust me. Go listen for yourself.