Against Obscurity

by Doc Coleman on July 17, 2013 · 2 comments

in Asides

Time for a little mid-summer ramble.

Sometimes, when you’re a writer among a group of writers, it seems like you have the most fantastic community of like minds to draw upon. Other times, it seems like everyone is totally ignoring you. The oddest part is that, on the average, both of these extremes are true. We are writers, so we are a community of like minds. We support each other. We will promote each other’s projects. We’ll give up our blog space to guest posts and promotional opportunities. We’ll give advice, and share techniques and resources. We’ll challenge each other to friendly competition. We’ll even buy each other’s books, or pledge funds to each other’s Kickstarters. But do you know what is the single most difficult thing to get another writer to do in support of your project? The single thing they are least likely to do? [click to continue…]