Balticon Promos!

by Doc Coleman on April 14, 2012 · 1 comment

This year I noticed that Balticon had its own podcast, but didn’t actually have any promos for the convention. Balticon is one of my favorite cons and is pretty much the Mecca for podcasters and podcast novelists, so it didn’t seem right to me that Balticon couldn’t get any promo time from the podcasters who love it so. I contacted Paul Fischer, the head of the New Media Track at Balticon and the force behind the Balticon Podcast. Paul invited me to try my hand at creating promos for this year’s Balticon.

Instead of making a promo for just Balticon 46, I made a generic Balticon promo. Actually, I contacted a bunch of folks that I knew were going to Balticon this year and got their answer to this simple question: “What are you doing for your Memorial Day weekend?” Yes, it’s not very international, but very representative of the attendees of the con.

These promos have been blessed by Paul for use, he just hasn’t had time to put them out there, so I’m putting them out on his behalf. Please download them and put them in your podcasts!


Pip Ballentine – Clean – Balticon Promo 0:28

Pip Ballentine Short – Clean – Balticon Promo 0:24

Pip Ballentine – R Rated – Balticon Promo 0:34

Veronica Giguere Balticon Promo 1:08

Nathan Lowell Balticon Promo 0:40

Tee Morris – Hammered – Balticon Promo 0:27

Tee Morris – Spread – Balticon Promo 0:33

Laura Nicole Balticon Promo 0:43

Scott Sigler Balticon Promo 0:34

Scott Sigler No 2 Balticon Promo 0:34

MultiVoice No 1 – Balticon Promo 1:17


You may also want to check back here later. There are a few more variations that I hope to add before the con begins.

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