Monday, February 25, 2013

Halfway there! Yes, that’s right! This episode marks the halfway point of the Balticon 46 wrap up. This is another Special Episode of my podcast The Shrinking Man Project. This time it’s The Shrinking Man Project Live! with special guests, Veronica Giguere, Starla Huchton, Justin Macumber, and substituting for Tee Morris, Lauren “Scribe” Harris. This started as a revisiting of The Shrinking Man Project Live from Balticon 45, but ended up a little more like an episode of The Fit-2-Write podcast, a podcast that Lauren, Justin, and Tee started to talk about their own weight loss challenges. The topic for this panel was Inspiration, both for creative endeavors such as writing, and for starting and keeping with your weight loss program. We didn’t have a huge audience this year, but I think we had some really good discussion.

Show notes below the cut.

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