Jared Axelrod

The end is nigh! But it is not yet. This week Swimming Cat Studios and Balticon are pleased to bring you a special sneak peek at at upcoming anthology release for Balticon 47 Wrap up, part 20. The anthology is titled “The Way of the Gun” and was created by Scott Roche as a special tribute to his love of old westerns and old bushido movies. Scott has created a world where gunslingers govern their actions by the code of bushido, Followers of the Clockworker tinker and invent to improve the word, and Judges are slowly becoming corrupted by the lure of riches. Five authors now bring your their glimpses into this world, and this episode shows you three of those glimpses. [click to continue…]


Yesterday was a day for great news to come my way. Not all of the good news happened yesterday, but it was the day that word reached me on a number of things. If any of this is news to you, I’m happy to be the bearer of glad tidings. [click to continue…]