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This post is partly inspired by a post from P.C. Haring. P.C. has had a very bad September. The theme of his post is “Why do we fall, sir?” The answer, of course, is so we can learn to get back up. But that got me thinking… There are many reasons why we fall. Some trip. Some will leap for greatness and fail to catch themselves. And some… are pushed. [click to continue…]


Stepping up the pace

by Doc Coleman on February 6, 2013 · 2 comments

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My how quickly things can change. Two weeks ago I talked about creating a new account with ACX and plans to make some money from narrating audiobooks later this year. Now it would seem that sooner would be better than later. We got some news at my day job this past week. It seems my work is being negatively impacted by the economy and they are going to have to make some cuts. They’re not planning on letting any people go, but in order to make the cuts they need by the end of the year, they’re going to be putting employees on furlough in the latter half of the year. For the third and fourth quarters of the fiscal year, every employee will be required to take two days of furlough in each pay period. That’s a 20% pay cut… [click to continue…]