Welcome to part seven of the Balticon 47 Wrap up. This week’s episode is from my other podcast, The Shrinking Man Project. It is a live Special episode featuring the return of three of last year’s guests, Starla HuchtonLauren “Scribe” Harris, and Veronica GiguereJustin Macumber was also scheduled to attend, but he was called home for an emergency, and unfortunately we didn’t find out that he’d left the con until after the recording. Like last year, This episode is a simultaneous release with The Shrinking Man Project. So, if you’re subscribed to both feeds, you’ll get the same episode twice. If you’re not subscribed to The Shrinking Man Project, you should check it out. There is lots of good content over there. The topic for this year was pulling out of a slump, both creatively, and in terms of keeping with your diet or exercise regimen. Show notes below the cut. [click to continue…]