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… someone else.

Oh, well. While it would have been nice to get a job offer right out of the gate, it would also have been pushing the odds a bit too far. But I’m not really discouraged. I submitted my audition on ACX last Tuesday, and on Thursday, I got contacted by two different authors inquiring about my availability. That was a little unexpected. Of course, these were just inquiries, not actual job offers…


Each week I keep telling myself that I’m going to stop waiting until the last minute to write up these posts and just do little installments as things develop through the week. Each week, that doesn’t ever seem to work that way. This week it has come to even more of a head, seeing as I wasn’t able to get this post finished and scheduled ahead of time. But that is because a lot of things have gone on this week…


This past week my focus has been on ACX. I’ve been scouting out opportunities for some paying voice work gigs. I’ve noticed some interesting things while perusing through the lists of available properties looking for a narrator. Most noticeable among them: an awful lot of the work waiting for a male narrator are romance novels. I even looked at a few of them. After all, if it sells, it sells! But I quickly figured out why these romance titles hadn’t been made into audiobooks yet…


Hello, ACX

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After being on the fence about it for many months, this past week I finally broke down and created a profile on ACX. What is ACX, you say? And well you might ask. ACX is the Audiobook Creation Exchange. Audible.com created ACX to promote the creation of digital spoken word content. This makes a lot of sense because digital spoken word content is what Audible sells. They need to get that content from somewhere, and ACX is part of making that happen. ACX creates a marketplace where rights holders, aka publishers, authors, and other empowered agents, can find narrators, studios, and producers looking for work. Here’s how it works…


A week has passed since my last update, and I haven’t been entirely idle. I have, however, narrowed down the scope of the projects that I’ve been working on to something more manageable. In 2012, I managed to start a number of new projects, but I didn’t really succeed in finishing off any of the ones that had carried over from 2011. Soooo… top priority right now is finish off existing projects before starting any of the new ones.

Fortunately, it looks like I just finished off one of those projects…


Shifting Gears

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I feel as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders! The audio for Northern Mist is complete and has been turned over to Tee and Pip for Tales From the Archives. At least our part is done. We don’t have good access to music sources, so Tee is going to be doing the scoring for the story. And, of course, they’re going to put their own stamp on the beginning and end of the story. For now, Northern Mist will stay under the code name. Once I get word from Tee and Pip to reveal the name, or that the story has been released, I’ll let you know the real title. We’re hoping that you really enjoy the story.

So, with that done, priorities are shifting…


Great merciful Elisabeth! It’s been three weeks since I’ve had a chance to drop a post over here. That’s way too long in my opinion. Then again, I’m not sure how much I really have to say about what is going on. Our main push is still getting the audio version of “Northern Mist” finished so that we can turn the audio over to Tee and Pip and they can finish it up and release it on Tales from the Archives, and we can stop using the code word “Northern Mist” and start using the real title. But progress has been slow due to health problems, insane schedules, and the Maryland Renaissance Festival. Perhaps I need to adjust my priorities…


Once more, I stand victorious, having weathered the storms of another year. A lot has been thrown my way in the past year, but I’m still in the fight. While my weight loss has become more of a struggle in the past year, my health has gotten better. It still warms my heart when people tell me that I seem to be smaller every time they see me, even if I know it isn’t strictly true. While some things haven’t exactly taken off for me, I’ve still managed to move forward and gain a better understanding of the writing world that I’m trying to break into.

My plans have changed for the coming year, but I believe those changes will make me more successful in the future.


Oh, wait, I think that is supposed to be “What I’m doing at Balticon 46!”

No, on second thought, I think I may have gotten it right the first time.

Bit by bit, my schedule for Balticon 46 has come together, and now I am finally ready to share it in all of its titanic glory! And this year really is titanic. Somehow, when I said that I was willing to do up to 3 panels a day, it got interpreted as 3 panels for each day. Yes, I’m doing twelve panels this year! Plus a reading! The worst part? When I looked over the panels to see what I could back out of… I couldn’t find anything. All of my panels are either things I’d already agreed to do, cool subjects, or a chance to branch out into new areas and break out of the “comfort zone”.  So, if you want to see where I’ll be at this year’s Balticon, just click the link and get ready to make some notes. There’s a LOT!


This past has been a busy week. I’ve been driven to exhaustion a couple of times, and had my day taken up by errands.With production down so much on this week, I had pinned a lot of hopes on this weekend. In the end, I didn’t get as much done this weekend as I had hoped, but I did manage to get a bit of work done.