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It’s that time of year again: Memorial Day weekend is upon us, and that means Balticon! And, of course, that means that I’ll be heading to Baltimore’s Inner Harbor to take part in the convention. I don’t have quite as full a schedule as I have had in year’s past, but I’ll still be plenty busy. If you’re going to be at Balticon, here is where you can find me…

Friday, May 25

What Doctor Who Means to Me

James, 5pm – 5:55pm
D.H. Aire (moderator), Doc Coleman, Tabitha Grace Challis, Lady Ozma

Doctor Who was pitched as a educational show for children, but it’s reinvented itself with each new generation. What makes the connection between show and audience so enduring?

Intellectual Property and You

St. George, 6pm – 6:55pm
James R. Stratton (moderator), Harold Feld, Joshua Bilmes, Doc Coleman

What you need to know about the legal framework for protecting your works.

Saturday, May 26

Alternate History Worldbuilding: Not Just Evil Goatees

Club Lounge, 10am – 10:55am
Martin Berman-Gorvine (moderator), Day Al-Mohamed, Doc Coleman, Robert E. Waters, Andy Love

We’ve all seen “just like us, but evil” alternate histories. How can you avoid this trap and create a unique, rich world that still echoes our own?

Making the Most of the Topic

Pride of Baltimore II, 4pm – 4:55pm
Tabitha Grace Challis (moderator), Billy Flynn, Tim Dodge, Doc Coleman

How do you make your discussions interesting for an audience? How can you make them easy to follow or fun to listen to?

Readings: Charles Brown, Doc Coleman, Mike Luoma

St. George, 8pm – 8:55pm
Doc Coleman, Charles Brown, Mike Luoma

Authors Charles Brown, Doc Coleman, and Mike Luoma read from their work.

Sunday, May 27

Introduction to Brewing & Distillation

Room 7006, 12pm – 12:55pm
Amiel Nuchovich (moderator), Doc Coleman

Cheers! Prost! L’chaim! Raise your glass to the mighty ethanol and learn all about alcoholic libations. Whiskey, wine, beer, and beyond, you’ll discover new things about your favorite tipple and how to get started on making it yourself!

Vex Mosaic, The Bigger Picture LIVE!

Pride of Baltimore II, 5pm – 5:55pm
Charles Brown (moderator)

Vex Mosaic presents: Thinking the Future. While these turbulent times have many people looking backwards to what they want to remember as better, we can never return there no matter how hard we try. Our panelists will discuss the pros and cons of facing forward, looking ahead to shape the possibilities from our present material

Comic SFF: More Than Just Jokes

Room 8006, 7pm – 7:55pm
Robyn Wyrick (moderator), Tim Dodge, Doc Coleman, Andrew Fox

When creators try and tackle comedic science fiction and fantasy, they can become legends (Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett), but often fail to do more than elicit groans. Televised SFF comedies like “Red Dwarf” and “Futurama” have incredibly loyal fanbases, yet are few in number. What is it so difficult to make speculative works funny, and why are they so beloved when they’re successful?

Monday, May 28

Autographs: Keith R.A. DeCandido and Doc Coleman

5th Floor Lobby, 12pm – 12:55pm
Doc Coleman, Keith R.A. DeCandido

Autograph tables are located in the 5th floor lobby near Con Suite.

And be sure to look for me and my books in the dealer’s room!

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