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The time is almost upon us! Yes, Balticon! And if you’d like to find me at Balticon, here is where you can look. I will be quite busy this year, with 7 panels, plus a reading, a book launch, and an autograph session! I will also be in the Dealer’s room this year, as part of  a co-op of writers. If you don’t find me there, you should be able to find my book, The Perils of Prague. As for the rest of the convention…

Friday May 26, 2017

Paranormal Urban Fantasy – Beyond Vampires and Werewolves

9 pm – Gaming/Filmmaking Track Parlor

While many Paranormal Urban Fantasy books focus on vampires and werewolves, there are so many other creatures that deserve a starring role. Come and discuss the other monsters of lore that we’d like to see in novels. It’s time to give the likes of Bigfoot, the Boogeyman, river monsters, and a host of others a chance. Moderator S. L. Wideman (S L Wideman Books) | Melissa L Hayden | Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios) | Gail Z. Martin | Jeff Young (Watch the Skies Reading Group )

Whoops! It looks like I’ve been pulled from this panel. That means my first panel is…

Dirty Mad Libs!

10 pm – Pride of Baltimore

Take a few creativies, their best works of erotica, remove some key words, and have onlookers fill in the blanks. It’s audience participation at its best with dirty mad libs! This is for adults only.  Nobilis Reed | August Grappin | Erin Kazmark (The Melting Potcast) | Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios)

Saturday May 27, 2017 

Reading as a Writer

10:00 am – Mt. Washington

A lot of writing instruction can be summed up in two words: “read more.” But how can we make the most of what we read, and incorporate it into our own work? Moderator Steve Lubs (Writers’ Workshop) | Darrell Schweitzer | Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios) | Meg Eden (University of Maryland College Park) | Malka Older

Podcasting 101 

4:00 pm – Pride of Baltimore

Ever wanted to get in on the podcasting game? Well now it’s easier than ever with new technology and delivery methods. Listen to podcasters who have done it to learn how you can too. Moderator Nutty Nuchtchas (NIMLAS Studios) | Mark The Encaffeinated ONE | Nobilis Reed | Laura Nicole (Resonant Moon) | Tabitha Grace Challis | Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios)

 Author Reading – Stephanie Burke, Doc Coleman, Christiana Ellis

6:00pm – St. George

Come listen to our authors read from their latest works. Christiana Ellis | Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios) | Stephanie “Flash” Burke

 Book Launch – The Perils of Prague

9:00pm – Club Lounge (12th floor)

Swimming Cat Studios invites you to celebrate the release of The Perils of Prague. Come enter the world of the Eternal Empress and meet the characters of the book through a full cast live reading. When an evening’s entertainment leads to the destruction of the State Opera House of Prague, the eccentrically brilliant Professor Harmonious Crackle and his beautiful colleague Miss Titania Bang must team up with the Duke of Prague’s nephew and hunt down the evil genius responsible. Come meet our intrepid trio as they unravel the mystery before the next strike. Featuring the voice talents of Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios) | Veronica Giguere (Voices by Veronica) | Chris Lester (Liminal Corvid Press) | Laura Nicole (Resonant Moon) | August Grappin

 The Dark Side of the Fae

11:00 pm – Mt. Washington

A lively back and forth about the dark origins of the Fae/fairies and the return to this darker vision after having gone through the sanitization from Bowdler and Disney. Moderator Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios) | Michelle Sonnier | Kim Hargan | Michael M Jones

Sunday May 28, 2017

 Autograph session – SL Wideman and Doc Coleman

3:00pm – Atrium Autograph Table

Metamor City LIVE!

7:00pm – Pride of Baltimore

Metamor City is a gritty mega-metropolis where the buildings soar hundreds of meters above ground and humans rub shoulders with vampires, shapeshifters, and even stranger beings. Come listen as creator Chris Lester and his all-star cast perform a live radio drama — complete with music and sound effects — and enter a world like nothing you’ve ever seen. A Q&A session will follow the performance. Chris Lester (Liminal Corvid Press) | Lauren Harris (IGMS) | Laura Nicole (Resonant Moon) | Veronica Giguere (Voices by Veronica) | August Grappin | Mildred Cady | Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios)

Metamor City LIVE! After-Party Q&A and Trivia 

8:00pm – Pride of Baltimore

After a rousing episode of Chris Lester’s Metamor City LIVE!, the author is having a trivia/question and answer session with the audience. Moderator Chris Lester (Liminal Corvid Press) | Lauren Harris (IGMS) | Laura Nicole (Resonant Moon) | Mildred Cady | August Grappin | Veronica Giguere (Voices by Veronica) | Doc Coleman (Swimming Cat Studios)

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