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It is convention time again. Time for what will be my last con of the 2016 convention season. Yup, I’m talking about the con in my back yard: Capclave. If you’re going to be in the Gaithersburg, Maryland area and you enjoy good fiction and want to hear all kinds of authors and other artists talk about the nature of modern writing, I know where you want to be this weekend.

small_dodo_transparentAnd if you’re going to be there, there is a good chance that you’ll see me. I’ll be returning as a guest of Capclave this year. I’ve been a little behind in posting lately, but I wanted to take the opportunity to post my schedule for the convention. So, without further ado, here is where you’ll find me.

Friday 7:00 pm: Son of Steampunk (Ends at: 7:55 pm) Bethesda

Panelists:Doc Coleman, Elektra Hammond (M), Elaine Stiles
Steampunk genre caught on in ways nobody expected, spawning offspring genres (Dieselpunk, Atompunk, Clockpunk, etc.) achieve the same popularity? The panel will discuss these new subgenres, what defines them, and their staying power.

Saturday 11:30 am: Doc Coleman Reading (Ends at: 11:55 am) Seneca

Author:Doc Coleman

Saturday 1:00 pm: Humor in Science Fiction & Fantasy (Ends at: 1:55 pm) Salon A

Panelists:Doc Coleman (M), William Freedman, Larry Hodges, Alex Shvartsman, Jean Marie Ward
When is it good to have a laugh? An exploration of not only humorous books, but putting humorous elements in a dramatic story.

Sunday 3:00 pm: Beyond Just Dirigibles and Dragons (Ends at: 3:55 pm) Frederick

Panelists:Doc Coleman, William Galaini, Emmie Mears, Betsy A. Riley (M)
Characters need to get from A to B. There are many magical spells and creatures to help them get there. Panelists discuss these alternate means of transportation.

That’s it. I hope to see you there.

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