Balticon 50 Schedule! (sorta)

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Yes, it is almost time for Balticon, my favorite con event of the year! And that means it is also time to publish my Balticon schedule! Which I would do… if I had it. Which I don’t exactly.B50_banner_1

You see, over the past year the Balticon staff has been hit with some illness. And the two tracks that were hit the worst, Literary and New Media, happen to be the ones that I’m usually on. So this year’s schedule is a little more unconfirmed that usual.

But, as close as I can piece together, here is where I ought to be:

Saturday 16:00 – Mt. Washington

Metamor City Retrospective

Moderator:  Doc Coleman; Panelists: Christiana Ellis, Chris Lester, Nobilis Reed, Scott Roche, Michael Spence

The Metamor City Podcast was a sci-fi/fantasy audio fiction series that ran from 2007 to 2010, with some additional content in early 2011. Creator Chris Lester set the live podcast aside for a “brief hiatus” that lasted much longer than planned or expected. Doc Coleman talks to Chris and some of the old cast about the good ol’ days.


Saturday 19:00 – St. George

Readings: Doc Coleman, Reesa Herberth, Ruth Lampi, and Mike Luoma

Doc Coleman, Reesa Herberth, Ruth Lampi, and Mike Luoma

Steampunk and Space Opera Readings by Doc Coleman, Reesa Herberth, Ruth Lampi, and Mike Luoma


Saturday Midnight – Pride of Baltimore II

Dirty Mad Libs

Moderator:  Patrick Scaffido, Panelists: (unknown! I signed up for this one, but I don’t know if I’ve been accepted.)

We take finely crafted erotic literature, punch holes in it, stuff them with your own poorly considered suggestions, and present them for your entertainment. You’re welcome.


Sunday 14:00 – Parlor 9029

Podcasting on the Cheap

Moderator: Doc Coleman; Panelists:  Nuchtchas, 3 SEATS OPEN

Anyone can podcast, and it doesn’t take a lot of money to do so. Come and learn the best tricks to podcast on the cheap with the ability to expand as your podcast grows.



Sunday 17:45 – Kent

Dramatic Voice Acting

Moderator:  Rich Sigfrit; Panelists:  Doc Coleman, Laura Nicole, David Sobkowiak, Heather Welliver

Have you ever wondered what makes a great audio drama character come to life? It is an actor’s job to not only read the lines, but to also enact the scene directions audibly. This panel will demonstrate how an actor uses their skills to make convincing sound effects. Audience members may be asked to participate in demonstrations.


Sunday 19:15 – Kent

Woods Haven Mysterycast

Panelists:  David Sobkowiak, Scott Pond, August Grappin, Laura Nicole, Doc Coleman

A full cast murder/mystery audio drama podcast which follows the life of Patricia Woods in the two weeks leading up to her murder.


Monday 9:30 – Pride

It Takes a Village

Moderator:  Dave Robison;  Panelists:  Paul Cooley, Veronica Giguere, Scott Pond, 1 SEAT OPEN (I have signed up to be in that last seat, but who knows?)

Indie publishing is not “Self Publishing”. Even if you can do your own covers and layout, you need an editor or beta readers. If you don’t have the skills (or time) to do your own cover and layout (and few do), it takes a village. Learn what you need to know, or whom to hire, to help make your book the best it can be.

So… that’s what I know. I’ll be sure to update it if I get any firmer info… but it don’t mean a thing until you pick up your registration at the con.

See you at Balticon!

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