March 2016

Pondering Patreon

by Doc Coleman on March 30, 2016 · 0 comments

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Life has kept me busy with a lot of different things lately and unfortunately it has kept me from doing my regular updates on the blog. The day job has been frenetic. I’ve got friends who’ve gone through some tough times that I’ve tried to help out, the Balticon Podcast to keep on schedule, and the everyday effort to keep the home fires burning.

I’ve done a lot of serious thinking about my novel, and I just started the work on Draft 6. But it is still going to be a while before I can announce the book is ready.

prague charles bridggeSo, I am thinking about creating a Patreon campaign to help defray the costs of publishing. The past year of trying to get The Perils of Prague ready for publication has taught me a lot about the industry. Cover art, editing passes, layouts, they all add up. I’ve managed on my own so far, but it all takes away from the process. Working on a small scale as I do, it takes time to raise the funds needed while keeping a roof over my head and food on my table.

For those that aren’t familiar with Patreon, it is a crowd-funding method that allows creators to raise funds for their art by getting donations from patrons, who in turn receive rewards for their monthly donations. Rewards vary depending on the level of donation, on the creator, and on the type of project. Some common rewards from writers include sneak peaks of chapters in work, an early look at short stories, and even copies of finished projects.

I’ve got at least five more stories set in the same world as Perils, and a young adult trilogy in the works. I want people to be able to read these stories and a lot more.  The problem is making those stories a reality. In terms of time, and money. The time is up to me. I need to simplify my life so I can devote more time to writing and editing. Part of that is setting aside daily writing time.

Patreon may be a step towards solving the money problem. Maybe not. The big question is, do I have enough supporters willing to donate a few bucks a month to help make these stories a reality? Would you support a Patreon campaign? Patreon patrons pay as little as $1 a month, depending on the level of rewards they want. What do you think? Should I try Patreon?