Hanging up the mic, for now.

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This announcement has actually been a long time coming. I should have posted it months ago, but I’ve been up against the wall with different projects and haven’t had the time to post. For the time being, I’m going to have to put a hold on audio projects. We have a number of unfinished repairs to the studio area that have been put off too long. So, for the time being, the studio will get packed away until the repairs are complete.

Much as I’d like to expand my audio work, I’ve had too many setbacks lately. One of the biggest blows was when P.C. Haring announced that he didn’t have time to narrate this new novel Slipspace Harbinger, and canceled the full cast audio production. I was really looking forward to hearing the finished project. Unfortunately it was the third or fourth project where I’d done the work, but the project got canceled or put on permanent hiatus. That makes it very hard to create a body of work to attract new employers.

On-Air Radio Panel Tales from the ArchivesAudio releases!

While I’ve had to hang up my microphone for now, I’m happy to announce that some of my earlier audio work was released.

I narrated two stories for Tales from the Ministry podcast. The Case of the Copper Condor by Lauren Harris, and The Case of the Copper Heart by Bryan Lincoln. The episodes were released and are now available for download. You can find them here:

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