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I must apologize for not posting here lately. Life has been very busy, and in my most productive time I’ve knuckled down on doing my voice recording, to keep to the schedule I agreed on with the producer. There hasn’t been as much time for blogging as I’d like. It has helped me regain some focus, though. I have a bad habit of working on too many projects at once and losing myself between them. While it is good to have the next project waiting in the wings, one must always keep focused on the current goal.

Swimming Cat mugWhich isn’t to say that I haven’t found time to have fun. In the last few weeks I’ve enjoyed the Maryland Renaissance Festival, and even found an opportunity to commission some new art. To the right is a custom mug lid done for me by Tiger Torre Art, purveyor of fine leather masks and other artworks. The mug is by Goodly Woods, crafters of some beautiful wooden mugs. The line art of the design is, of course, from the Swimming Cat Studios logo, designed by Helen Madden, aka The Cynical Woman. Tiger Torre did a beautiful job of transferring the line art to the leather, and then hand-painting it to match the colors of the mug while being true to the color of the original art. A beautiful result all around and one that I just had to share.

But I’m not here to talk about that.

I’m here to talk about Capclave!

Through a stroke of luck, I was able to get a guest invite to this year’s Capclave in Gaithersburg, Maryland on October 10th – 12th. Yup, that is this weekend. See the Capclave site for more details on the con.

Some communications problems caused me to get the news late, but at least I can pass it on to you before the event. This will be my first year as a guest at Capclave, and I will be part of their fledgling new podcast track. Here is the tentative schedule I have so far:


4:00 PM – Podcasting – Where to begin

Panelists: Patrick Scaffido (Moderator), Doc Coleman, Jonah Knight, Norm Sherman, John T. Williams

So you want to make your own podcast. Our experts talk you through all the information you need to get started, what you need to buy and what skills you must acquire.

6:00 PM – From Pod to Page

Panelists: Scott H. Andrews (Moderator), Doc Coleman, Patrick Scaffido, John T. Williams

According to Marshall McLuhan, “Form and content are closely related.” For stories existing in both print and podcast form, how do they change as they cross media? What are the strengths and weaknesses of both forms of storytelling, and what should authors keep in mind as they adapt their novels for podcasting?


10:00 AM – Doctor Who at 50 and Beyond

Panelists: Victoria Janssen (Moderator), Doc Coleman, L. Jaqi Lamplighter, Sherin Nicole, Jon Skovron

Name of the Doctor, Night of the Doctor, Day of the Doctor, Time of the Doctor, An Adventure in Space and Time – Did the 50th Anniversary live up to the hoopla? And going forward what are our expectations for Peter Capaldi? Will there be an episode simply entitled “Of The Doctor?” Is it time for Steven Moffat to step down as show runner?

6:00 PM – Reading

Panelists: Doc Coleman

Doc Coleman gives a half hour reading from his latests works.

7:00 PM – Best Podcasts of 2014

Panelists: Patrick Scaffido (Moderator), Doc Coleman, Norm Sherman , John T. Williams

What new and continuing new media productions from 2014 are on the must listen list?


4:00 PM – Next Steps – What to do after recording your podcast

Panelists: Patrick Scaffido (Moderator), Doc Coleman, Jonah Knight, Norm Sherman, John T. Williams

There are a lot of tutorials, presentations, and classes on how to record a podcast but when it gets to posting and sharing your cast, things seem to get glossed over. There are many components working in concert to make a podcast feed. This session aims to explain what each of those components are and how they function together. Further, we hope to show you how you can save money by picking and choosing what services provide each piece. This session will cover: choosing a hosting provider, choosing blog/podcast software; tagging mp3s; writing show notes; uploading files to a host; posting an episode; feed creation; and finally statistics/tracking.

I hope that a few of my readers will be able to make it to the con, even if the notice was a little later than normal. Hopefully we’ll do better next year.

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1 vval October 9, 2014 at 10:16 pm

Wish I could be there! And love the mug


2 Doc Coleman October 10, 2014 at 6:42 am

Thanks. It looks to be an interesting weekend.



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