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by Doc Coleman on May 20, 2014 · 1 comment

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Naturally, nothing is final until we get there, but here is what I’ve been told my schedule for this year’s Balticon is going to look like. Unlike earlier years, the schedule won’t be so heavy, in part because I believe Balticon has more guests this year than they have in the past. I won’t be doing a recording of The Shrinking Man Project for Balticon this year, but I will be doing a few new and interesting things, as well as keeping up with some old favorites.

So enough introduction! Let’s get on with the schedule!




4:00 PM – Reading – Pimlico

Readings from the work of Mike Black, Doc Coleman, John French

9:00 PM – Using An Accent In Your Podcast – Chesapeake

How to use accents in your podcast or audiobook without making a fool of yourself. P.C.  Haring (M), Nobilis Reed, Doc Coleman, Brand Gamblin, Mildred Cady

10:00 PM – Dirty Mad Libs – Chesapeake

All The Way To the Aardvark! Patrick Scaffido (M), Doc Coleman, Starla Huchton


10:00 PM – Avoiding the pitfalls and writing kink right – Chesapeake

For better or worse, Fifty Shades of Grey brought BDSM and the kink scene into the vanilla world. How can authors avoid the many ways to get BDSM wrong, and portray believable and satisfying relationships? Mildred Cady (M), Alessia Brio, Jhada Addams, Doc Coleman, Andrea Trask


3:00 PM – Metamor City Live Drama – Derby

Metamor City is a gritty mega-metropolis where the buildings soar hundreds of meters above ground and humans rub shoulders with telepaths, shapeshifters, and even stranger beings. Listen as creator Chris Lester and the Metamor City Players perform a live radio drama — complete with music and sound effects — and enter a world like no other. Chris Lester (M), Laura Nicole, Doc Coleman, et al

7:00 PM – WordPress 101 – Chesapeake

Learning to go from novice to hero using the WordPress content management system. Dave Robison, Jhada Addams, Doc Coleman, Sue Baiman, Allie Gamblin


10:00 AM – Moments and Mechanics in History & their Potential in Steampunk – Salon C

Using unusual or fantastic events or inventions to increase not only the authenticity of your steampunk but to also spur ideas. Authors and reader panelists discuss these events and potential alts or impacts. Philippa Ballantine, Charles E. Gannon, Doc Coleman, Jeff Young, Melissa Scott


That’s my schedule for now, but as always, it may change right up until the moment the event starts. and there are bound to be a some impromptu things happening about the con.

See you at Balticon!

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