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Since this post is late, let’s start on a good note: RavenCon tomorrow!RavenCon

After the stresses of the past week, I need to focus on something positive. So let me cover the high points before going into my tale of woe. Perils is back from the editor. Lots of comments and some general notes on some meat of the story that didn’t seem to make it out of my head and onto the page. I need to get back with my editor and discuss some of the issues with her, but first life just had to get busy making other plans for me.

I guess to start, without going into too much detail, the past week has been full of family issues. My mother-in-law, who lives in Raleigh, NC, ended up in the hospital on Wednesday night with a hernia that had enclosed some tissue and was threatening to become septic. They operated, removed the dead tissue, and repaired the hernia. She is now recovering well. But at the time, this led to a frantic shuffle on Thursday to allow my wife to make a trip down to Raleigh to make sure her mother was well cared for. We hastily booked a hotel for her over the internet, got her packed and she drove down on Thursday. Lots of activity. Lots of stress.

So much stress, in fact, that I bailed on work on Friday to physically and emotionally recover. It almost worked…

Friday night, my wife calls me and she wants me to come down to Raleigh. Immediately. Saturday morning I throw together a bag and hit the road to North Carolina. I get there and find out that the “better” hotel we booked over the internet turns out to be crime central: strange smells in the hall, frequent police raids, people selling and doing drugs. Lovely.

We visit my mother-in-law, run errands about Raleigh, try to get some things squared away while she is in the hospital.

The original plan was for me to head home on Sunday so that I wouldn’t miss any more work. The errands on Sunday ended up taking too much time and we ended up staying too late for me to get back to Maryland and still get enough sleep to head to work on Monday. We update the plan so we are both leaving on Monday, and I go back to work on Tuesday.

And then we take Kee’s truck back to the hotel, she parks, sets the parking brake… and the brake pedal drops to the floor. She ruptured a brake line.

Monday morning we take Kee’s truck to a shop she trusts and drop it off to be looked at. The brake line had rusted through. We take my car and go visit the hospital, where my mother-in-law is doing much better. At the shop, they repair the section that ruptured, and while they are bleeding the brakes, the next section ruptures. They can fix it, but can’t get in the parts they need until the next morning. Fortunately, we checked out of crime central. Unfortunately, we need to get a new hotel room.

We check into a Days Inn and have our nicest hotel stay of the weekend.

We head back over to the shop on Tuesday morning, and find out that another section of the brakes has ruptured again during the bleeding process. At this point, they are recommending replacing all the brake lines, but it will be over a week for them to get all the parts, and cost thousands. The shop guy recommends we consider just replacing the vehicle. I just want to get out of Raleigh.

We pack what we can from the truck into my car and head home, leaving the truck behind until we can figure out if we’re going to fix it or junk it.

This weekend we’re going to be in Richmond for RavenCon, which puts us halfway to Raleigh. At some point, we’re going to run back down to Raleigh and deal with the truck in one way or the other. Still not sure what we’re going to do. We really need this to be a good RavenCon to help balance out everything we’ve just been through. Ugh.

Hope to see you at RavenCon.

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