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by Doc Coleman on April 3, 2014 · 2 comments

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The 2014 convention season is about to kick off for me. This time around, the year starts off with RavenCon. Last year, I went to RavenCon as a vendor. This year, I’ll be returning as a panelist! And apparently, it is going to be a big year for RavenCon. The con hotel has already sold out, and they are trying to make arrangements with other nearby hotels. The con is less than a month off, but the schedule is starting to come together…

Even though the schedule isn’t final yet, I can share with you some of the panels that I’m supposed to be on. The times may change, and I might get rescheduled, but right now, here is what my RavenCon schedule looks like:


9:00 PM, Anna, Epic Fail

Failure is not always bad. It can be instructive. Panelists discuss great ideas that on further reflection were not so great and what they learned from the experience. KT Pinto, T. Eric Bakutis, Dan Hoyt, Doc Coleman

10:00 PM, Bon Air, Women in Gaming

Do women and men have a different expectation for the games they play? Do women bring a different gaming sensibility to game design and game play? Are there hurdles that women have to overcome or advantages that they have in gaming and the gaming industry? Rachael Hixon, Amy Anderson, Doc Coleman, Joan Wendland


9:00 AM, Anna, Doctor Who Through the Ages

Doctor Who has gone through 11 regenerations, a host of companions and villains and is still going strong 50 years later. But many fans have never seen an “old Doctor” – and many of us are aghast that they aren’t familiar with Jon Pertwee or Tom Baker. Our panelists span the generations, and help educate the “other half”. Angela Pritchett, Jennifer R. Povey, Tee Morris, Doc Coleman

10:00 PM, York, Space Westerns: The Final Frontier

An overview of the genre, how it is related to/differs from space opera, where it came from, the evolution of the genre and notable examples. Doc Coleman, Christopher Weuve


10:00 AM, Room E, Finding & Listening to Podcasts

With all of those podcasts out there, how do you find one that you like? Once you find one, how do you keep it in your queue without having to go through lots of steps? Learn this and more from our experts. Genesis Moss, Doc Coleman, Elizabeth Bear, Tony Sarrecchia

 I am also supposed to have a reading scheduled, but that part of the schedule hasn’t been fleshed out yet.

I’ll be sure to update you if anything changes. Hope to see you there!

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1 Melissa (My World...in words and pages) April 11, 2014 at 10:35 am

Have a wonderful time! Glad to hear you are a panelist this year. 🙂


2 Doc Coleman April 13, 2014 at 5:40 pm

Thanks! It is always fun to add a new con to the repertoire.



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