Let it go, man, let it go

by Doc Coleman on March 19, 2014 · 6 comments

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This post may seem like a bit of a reversal from the last one, but the Perils in Peril post was a bit of a cry for help. And I did get the help I needed, although it wasn’t exactly the help I thought I wanted when I wrote the post. Not making much sense yet, am I? Let’s just say that the cry for help was less about helping me meet a goal, and was more about getting me to face facts I had subconsciously realized, but hadn’t admitted to myself.

It was a wake up call…

And thanks go to Sue, who reminded me:

“Since you’re talking about a physical dead-tree book I think you’re better off taking your time to make sure you put out a product of the highest possible quality. Mistakes happen with greater frequency when we’re rushing and launching a book that has numerous errors is, in my opinion, a greater tragedy than not launching at Balticon.”


I had to admit that Sue was right. Rushing a book out to meet a promotional deadline would keep the book from being as good as it can be. Mistakes would be created, or not corrected. While Balticon is a great promotional opportunity, in the long run, that’s just a drop in the bucket. An initial splash might be nice, but if the price of it is mistakes in the book that will linger on and tarnish my reputation as a writer and publisher, it isn’t worth it.

So, no Balticon launch this year. I’m letting it go.

I need to re-engage with my Beta Readers and let them know that I’m giving up the driven schedule and see if some of them can still read for me. Hopefully the new volunteers will also stay with me. This will give me an opportunity to also squirrel away some money and try to get an editor to look over the book, too.

I still want to get Perils published this year, but now I’m giving myself more time to make it happen. This actually is quite a relief. While I could still make the May deadline, that would mean pushing myself a LOT. Turning my life into nothing but a publishing grind. I can do it, but I don’t really want to. There are other things in my life I want time to enjoy and explore, and this decision will give me that time as well.

I guess to wrap it up, I want to thank Sue and everyone else for their support, and for the wake up call. And I’m sorry I needed to thrash this out on the blog to come to grips with it. I hope, when the book comes out, that you’ll all agree that it was worth the wait.

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