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by Doc Coleman on February 5, 2014 · 13 comments

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If you’ve visited the site in the past couple days, you might have noticed that the progress bar at the top of the sidebar has updated! That’s right, the third draft of Perils has started! I’ve got all my Alpha Readers past the halfway mark. In fact, I’ve got all of them, except one, past the 70% mark and we seem to be on track to finish the Alpha Read by Valentine’s Day. I know I’ve had great fun transcribing the comments into Scrivener. My readers have helped me find a bunch of typos that managed to make it through the second draft, pointed out some of their favorite moments in the story, and shown me the places where I need to provide more information. Even better…

So far, they haven’t identified a single place where the story breaks for them. That’s better than I expected.

It is so much fun to see a story through the reader’s eyes. To hear their reactions when you’ve cliff-hangered them. (yes, I’m a cliff-hangering bastard), and the oohs and aahs of respect when you’ve explained how something works in a particularly cool fashion.

I have needed that fun lately.

So, while the writing and publishing had proceeded well, things have been a little rocky on the home front. I mentioned in an earlier post that we’ve had a bit of water damage from a neighbor’s ruptured water line. This has caused us to have to pack up our first floor and pack it into every available space on the second and third floors. So, we figured that if we had workers over to do some work, we might as well tend to a few other things we’ve put off for a while.

BeforeOne of those things being the replacement of the ceiling in our dining room, which was damaged several years ago when the condensation drain in our air handler stopped up on a particularly humid day and leaked into the space between the floors. There had been no sign of mold, so we’d put off fixing the damage. Until this week.

And since they would be tearing out the old ceiling, we really needed to move everything out of the dining room. Everything. I should have taken a picture of the clutter before we began to give you an idea of how much stuff we had to shift. Instead I spent my time actually shifting it. This week we finally got everything out of the way, as you can see from the before picture to the right. Yeah, bit of a hole in the back corner.

Well, after a morning of concentrated industry, we no longer had a hole. We also no longer had a ceiling.


Now the other thing that was going on this week, was the delivery of our new washer and dryer. Our old washer had stopped having a spin cycle a while ago, which turned out to be because some of the components had gone bad, and the bearings were shot. Since it was an all-in-one stack, we had to buy a new dryer as well. Well, on the same day of the ceilingectomy, they were supposed to deliver our new appliances. The delivery guys showed up on time, but when they looked at the utility room, they told us they couldn’t make the delivery. The problem? Our washer pan was too small. We offered to run out and get a larger pan while they removed the old washer, but they insisted that the pan needed to be professionally installed by a plumber. Also, since they couldn’t deliver the new appliances, they weren’t going to remove the old one. So it would be in the way when we brought in a plumber to install the pan. A plumber who wouldn’t move the old appliance out of the way, of course. The upshot being that we could buy new appliances, but we couldn’t ever have them delivered.

AfterWhile we tried to unravel this catch-22, our new dining room ceiling was installed. So at least we had that.

Rather than debate our own version of the chicken and egg problem, which comes first, the plumber or the washer?, we decided that we’d just replace the bleeding pan ourselves. That meant dragging the washer/dryer out into the hall so we could install the new pan. And buying a new pan. And buying PVC cement. So, lots of trips to Home Depot.

After all of that, I really needed cheering up by reading comments from my Alpha Readers.

One last thought for this post, and then I’m going to call it quits for now. With the beginning of February, and the start of the third draft of Perils, I’ve started a new Magic Spreadsheet streak. Short term goal is to finish the next draft of Perils before the end of the month. Next goal after that is to keep up the streak through the month and into March. So far, so good, eh?

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1 Kee February 5, 2014 at 9:44 am

What? No pics of the utility/laundry room???!


2 Doc Coleman February 5, 2014 at 3:06 pm

I didn’t want to go into excessive detail of having to strip the damaged tile from the floor and try to re-tile it.

Here is view of the utility room after we got the washer and all the tile removed.
The empty space

A shot showing the removed tile, or more accurately, the lack of tile.
The lack of tile

And here is the tile Kee has already laid:
Tile in work

I’ll post another picture later after I get more done.



3 Doc Coleman February 5, 2014 at 5:12 pm

And here is the result of today’s round of tile work.
Today's tile

Oddly, there seems to be three distinct shades of tile in the box. Fortunately, this isn’t a room where we plan to do a lot of entertaining. Still a bunch of areas where we’ll have to cut odd shaped tiles.



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