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by Doc Coleman on January 29, 2014 · 2 comments

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Things have been progressing well with the Alpha Read of The Perils of Prague. Of the five readers that have kept with it, three of them have sent me feedback for at least four of the seven review sections, and one of the other two has sent me comments on enough of the middle section to put him past the halfway point. I’ve encouraged everyone to keep with it, and with a little luck I will be able to close out the Alpha read around Valentine’s day. The better news here is that since I’ve got comments for more than half of the book, I’m getting ready to start the third draft this week!

Part of this preparation involves transcribing the comments from each reader into Scrivener so that I can consider them all as I revise. This has been a huge lift to my spirits. If you’ve kept up with this blog, you know that we’ve had some home disasters recently that have distracted from working on the book.

The most recent blow came on Monday of this week when we finally got a repairman in to look at our washing machine. It had stopped doing the spin cycle in December and it took us a while to find a decent repair service. The verdict on the washer was that there were a couple of problems, but on top of that, the bearings were shot and it would be prohibitive to replace them. So, we’re buying a new washer. And because the old unit is a stack, a washer with a dryer on top of it as part of the same unit, we also have to buy a new dryer. When we bought the old unit, they had just started making stackable units, where the washer and dryer were separate, but could be mounted one on top of the other. At that time, they were so new that they were actually more expensive than the stack units. Now, the stackables have all but eliminated the old stack units. So, Monday night we bought a new washer and dryer. It gets delivered on Friday.

Swimming Cat Studios LogoAs you can imagine, this put me into a pretty sour mood on Monday. Monday night, after we had made arrangements for the new appliances, I started transcribing comments for the chapters my readers had already completed. (See, not a tangent, just a detour!) I found it amazing how reading the comments had such a great impact on my spirits. The responses broke down into two categories: pointers to where the narrative could be polished or improved, and exclamations where the reader really got the story. The first were good, and sparked new thoughts on how to better present the adventure. The second were just incredibly cool! I was just tickled to see the places where I had made that connection to my reader and saw that the reader not only got what I was saying, but loved it!

Still work to be done, but now I have a better roadmap. And tomorrow, revisions begin! I can’t wait!

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