Balticon 47 Wrap up – Part 20, Words of the Gun

by Doc Coleman on October 14, 2013 · 7 comments

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The end is nigh! But it is not yet. This week Swimming Cat Studios and Balticon are pleased to bring you a special sneak peek at at upcoming anthology release for Balticon 47 Wrap up, part 20. The anthology is titled “The Way of the Gun” and was created by Scott Roche as a special tribute to his love of old westerns and old bushido movies. Scott has created a world where gunslingers govern their actions by the code of bushido, Followers of the Clockworker tinker and invent to improve the word, and Judges are slowly becoming corrupted by the lure of riches. Five authors now bring your their glimpses into this world, and this episode shows you three of those glimpses.

This episode brings you a special foreword by Scott Roche, and readings by Christiana Ellis, Veronica Giguere, and myself. The first reading is “The Gun with the Glass Chamber” written by Jared Axelrod and read by Christiana Ellis. It is the tale of an unusual Martial on her first solo outing into the wilderness. The second reading is Jake Bible‘s story “Geared for Evil”, read by Veronica Giguere, where a Martial and his two deputies encounter a supernatural menace: a demon from the Far East with an insatiable hunger for human flesh. Lastly, is my reading from my short story “The Shining Cog” about a Follower of the Clockworker who finds himself in the sights of a corrupt Martial, and must put his own life on the line to protect his town.

The complete anthology also contains stories by Scott Roche, Zachary Ricks, and Justin McCumber. We hope that you will enjoy this sneak peek into these three stories, and that when the anthology is finally published that you will delight in reading each of them and finding out how each story ends. The Way of the Gun is still in editing and we hope to have a release date late in 2013, so please keep checking back for more information. To find out more about the Way of the Gun, go to

Special thanks go out to Christiana Ellis and Veronica Giguere who were willing to take part in this reading and lend their voices to these stories at very late notice. Thank you ladies for making this reading possible.

Enjoy the show!


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