Balticon 47 Wrap up – Part 17, Podcasters Against Humanity

by Doc Coleman on September 23, 2013 · 6 comments

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Sometimes, at Balticon, an event will come together that far exceeds anything that anyone could have planned. If you’re very very lucky, someone will record that event. If you’re even luckier, that person will let you use that recording in your podcast! This increasingly unlikely set of circumstances is what makes this episode possible for your enjoyment today! One warning before we go any further: The content in this episode is very, VERY funny, but it is also extremely offensive. If you can be offended, you should expect that something in this podcast will offend you. Since you have been warned, anything that happens from this point on is your own fault.

The game Cards against Humanity has been described as “A horrible game for horrible people”. Well, if that is true, get ready for a horrible episode. Today’s panel is Podcasters against Humanity, a fun, late night game put together by Hugh O’Donnell using Cards against Humanity cards and the warped minds of your favorite podcasters. Recorded on Sunday, May 26th at 10 PM, the game was played in several rounds with new podcasters for each round, so we’ve got quite a collection of podcast notables. Special thanks to Hugh O’Donnell for allowing me to use this recording as part of the Balticon 47 Wrap up.

Our podcasters, in order of appearance are myself, Nuchtchas, Abigail Hilton, Bryan LincolnOpopanax, Chris Lester, Myke Cole, Scribe Harris, Joshua Bilmes, Norm Sherman, Rosemary Tizledoun, Galia Godel, Jared E, Dan Adler, Kevin Crosby, and Bruce Press. Be sure to visit each of their sites and see the great content they are creating.

Enjoy the show!


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