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Yes, this is a #WriterWednesday post, but as I am writing it, it is Tuesday, September 3rd. This posts marks the 99th consecutive day that I have written something as tracked by The Magic Spreadsheet. So why am I writing about Day 99 when the post goes live on day 100? Well, for one thing, there is a long-standing tradition that you never talk about something you are about to do, because if you do, the forces of the universe realign to create situations where you cannot achieve the very thing you just told the world that you are about to do. And that would be very bad.

Still 99 days, while not a traditional milestone, is a very impressive run. I’ve gotten a lot accomplished in that time. I started this run just after Balticon, with my four-part retrospective of the con. I’ve completed my second draft of The Perils of Prague, started work on a new novel, then switched back to completing the first draft of The Bright Land. I also got back the first round of edits on my story for the Way of the Gun anthology, and got most of the way through the re-writes on that story. Perhaps for tomorrow I’ll be able to finish those up. Maybe Friday.

And, of course, a lot of blog posts like this one.

In this latest writing chain, I’ve written something on the order of 53 thousand words. That’s only one third the speed of a NaNoWriMo run, but it is still a respectable word count. A good chunk of that was re-writes, so it gets hard to point to the specific words written on any given day, but it still adds up to a lot of progress towards a goal. In a lot of writing material, you’ll see a lot about the importance of a first draft, but it is the re-writing that truly transforms a good story into something greater.

That has pretty much been my goal for this run. A transformative process. Reaching for greatness.

Let’s see how close I can come.

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1 Melissa (My words and pages) September 5, 2013 at 8:54 am

Wow. You are on a roll! Glad to hear you are moving along wonderfully. And you will brake triple digits here today. 🙂 Awesome! Sounds like the stories are moving along wonderfully for you. Hope work is still going okay for you. I know there was cutbacks. Hope your wife is doing well too. 🙂

I’m kind of floundering. Real life has cramped my time and everything here. I know I need to just make the time, but I’ve got so much I’m behind on at the moment. I’m *hoping* September will bring me to a point I will have time again to relax and enjoy writing.


2 Doc Coleman September 6, 2013 at 7:06 am

Thanks, Mel. Doing a little bit each day does keep things moving along. I managed to level up to the point that my quota is 400 words a day and that seems to be about my limit for regular production. I think I’ll be at this level for a while before I’m ready to try stretching to the next level.

Work is still tough, but I am beginning to feel like I have a handle on it.

Kee is doing well, and she’ll soon be doing more audio work, which is good!

Sorry to hear that you feel like you are floundering. My best advice is to try to avoid focusing too much on what you’re behind on. Budget some of your time for fun stuff and don’t spend everything working off the backlog. The fun stuff is what recharges your batteries and lets you be more productive when doing other work. You’ll be more productive if you have some fun along the way.



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