Balticon 47 Wrap up – Part 13, Growing up Who

by Doc Coleman on August 26, 2013 · 5 comments

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Greetings, friends! Time to kick off another week with an episode of the Balticon 47 Wrap up. This week we’re taking a look at the history of the BBC Science Fiction serial Doctor Who, and what it has meant for each of us. Doctor Who is coming up on its 50th year anniversary, but has managed to keep hold of the minds and imaginations of viewers in increasing numbers from year to year.

Our panel for this week is Growing up Who, a look at how Doctor Who has affected each of our lives and the lessons we have learned from watching it. Moderating the panel is Lady Ozma, aka Jacalyn Stanley, and filling out the panel are her son Caramon Stanley, Larry Reclusado, and myself. The panel takes a look at what it was like for each of us to grow up watching Doctor Who, both the classic series for most of the panelists, and the new series for Caramon. We look at how the series influenced our outlooks on life, and how those changes have shaped our lives, and how the series itself has changed over time.

We start out discussing how each of us first discovered Doctor Who, and how Doctor Who influenced each of us, from embracing the unconventional aspects of our lives, to instilling a desire to seek adventure.

Doctor Who reflects the different faces that we each show the world and how those faces change as we move through our different stages of life. It also demonstrates how you can make great changes in yourself without giving up the core of who you are, just like the Doctor changes with each regeneration and yet still remains the same man.

For viewers in America, Doctor Who has gone from a fringe show that was only available via PBS, to an increasingly mainstream show that continues to gain viewers and influence through the years, despite some of the internal dramas within the BBC that tried to sabotage the show and led ultimately to its cancellation in the 1980’s.

We revisit some of our favorite episodes and some of the companions that we most envied, and the ones that we would most like to see come back to the show, even if they had to re-cast the roles with new actors.

We also take some time to speculate upon how John Hurt’s role in the series will materialize in the upcoming 50th Anniversary special, and how the Valeyard will be written into the Doctor Who continuity, and how the BBC might be able to extend the number of regenerations for the Doctor beyond the classic limitation of 13 to keep the show running into the future. And, of course, reviewing some of the scariest moments in Doctor Who!


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