Balticon 47 Wrap up – Part 6, Disasterpiece Theatre!

by Doc Coleman on July 8, 2013 · 0 comments

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Welcome to Part 6 of the Balticon 47 Wrap up! This time we are jumping into the action with episode 66 of Disasterpiece Theatre! recorded live at Balticon at noon on Sunday the 26th of May. If you’re a regular listener of Disasterpiece Theatre, you’ve probably already heard this episode, but if not, we strongly recommend checking out the other episodes of Disasterpiece Theatre. Especially if you’ve wondered about the process by which studios choose which movies they are going to make.

This episode features guest Thomas Gideon, the technical director for the Open Technology Institute at New America Foundation, helping Alex and Stephen out with their movie pitches, and finding himself the star of their new movie! A little later in the show, Ally Pelphrey from DragonCon’s DC*TV Late Show pops in for a visit, and some absolutely amazing audio results. You won’t believe your ears!


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