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Wow. Will you look at that. It’s July now. July. 2013 is half over. Halfway done. I’ve set some ambitious goals for the latter half of the year. Perhaps I should also take some time to take stock of what I’ve done so far. Let’s see how it breaks down…

In the first half of this year, I’ve written over 56 thousand words. I’m over half done in preparing the second draft of The Perils of Prague. I even just sent out Chapter 1 to a few potential editors and some volunteer readers. I also wrote my short story for the Way of the Gun Anthology. That was actually done several months ago, and I still haven’t heard back from the editor. Then again, there’s just one editor, and several stories to edit. I may just be lower down upon the list. I completed the Balticon 46 Wrap up in time for Balticon 47, and so far we are on track for putting out the Balticon 47 Wrap up online on a weekly basis. My short story for the Tales from the Archives, The Cross of Columba, was nominated for a Parsec Award. And I’m finally getting serious about Swimming Cat Studios as a business. I’m looking at formally establishing Swimming Cat Studios into a business and selling my voice work, my wife’s audio editing skills, and my writing over the internet. I’ve joined ACX and auditioned for a narration, although I didn’t get it.

That’s actually a fair lot of stuff.

And there is even more planned for the rest of the year. We should conclude the Balticon 47 Wrap up later this year. So far I’m still on course to finish Perils and get it published before the end of the year, although a lot of that will depend on if I can make a deal for the services of an editor and if I can get timely feedback from my Alpha and Beta readers.

I’d also like to be able to make a start on a full cast podcast of Perils. This will be a sizable piece of work, but after getting the story to print, it should be small potatoes in comparison. The organization of the project should be the hardest part.

Of course, I need to do more auditions for ACX, and with any luck I’ll actually get a role or two. If not, we can take that time to try to re-organize Treasure Island and complete that project. I do intend to complete Treasure Island eventually, but I’m afraid I have to put a priority on other projects. I’d like to use the original cast that started the podcast with Pirate’s Cove, but at this late date it may not be possible to get everyone to commit to finishing the project. Given the narration I’ve already recorded for Treasure Island, the majority of that project should be coordinating getting lines from the rest of the cast, and getting Kee to do the editing. But it is never as easy as it sounds.

I do have another voice project lined up for this fall, one that will actually pay me for my work, but I can’t really talk about it until the contracts are signed and I’ve been given permission. Still, paying work is always good.

The writing and editing has been going well enough. I’ve managed to level up again at the Magic Spreadsheet, so now I’ve got a target of 350 words per day. My writing chain hit 36 consecutive days with the writing of this post, so in another ten days I’ll surpass my old record for a writing chain. I’m definitely writing more words now than I was before. The daily writing habit does get a little tough at times, because you literally cannot take a day off. At all. Not if you want to continue the chain. This means a little planning ahead, and some very late nights trying to cram words in before going to bed. This is especially important on days when I’ve got big events planned. I broke my last writing chain just before Balticon, so I didn’t have to write during the con, but Renaissance Festival season is coming up, and it lasts for 10 weeks. That means that I’ll have to write in the morning before I got to faire, or write  at home after I get back… or actually write at faire.

And then there is NaNoWriMo. I really need to be done with revisions to Perils before November rolls around. I’d love to be able to get to Bright Lands before then, but with everything else, I’d be surprised to be able to make much headway on it before going into NaNo. One possibility is doing a rewrite on Bright Lands for NaNo, but I’d much rather work on the Metahuman story. Then again, I’ll have plenty of time to worry over it by the time I get to November. Right now, I’ve got plenty of other things to do.

Ambitious. Hopefully not rubbish.

I hope everyone has a great 4th of July weekend, and may the latter half of 2013 be better than the first.

Talk to you next week.

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