May 2013

The Balticon 46 Wrap up is just about done. There’s going to be just one more episode after this one. But don’t worry, because we’ve saved some of the best stuff for last. This next panel is Dirty Mad Libs, a very adult, but also a very hilarious panel. Dirty Mad Libs is part of Balticon’s late night programming organized by Nobilis Reed. In regular mad libs, you take ordinary stories and replace selected words with random words from the audience. In Dirty Mad Libs, we take notable erotic scenes from literature and give them the same treatment. The results are… a bit different. In any case, this episode is not safe for kids or work. You have been warned!

Patrick Scaffido serves as our moderator for this panel, with Starla Huchton as the new panelist, and myself as the old veteran. The results are absolutely hilarious. You may not be able to control your laughter. Just make sure you manage to keep breathing. We were laughing hard enough that we couldn’t catch our breath either.

Grab your oxygen mask and enjoy the show.

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#FlashbackFriday is upon us again! This week The Wayback Machine is taking us back to May 19th, 2011 and episode 37 of Galley Table. It is very appropriate that we’re looking back two years ago as the Galley Table crew gathers to talk about our plans for Balticon, just as we’re preparing for Balticon again this year. This is an all crew episode, so no guests this time, but we are name dropping like crazy! Hopefully this will help whet your appetite for this year’s Balticon.

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Some of the details in this week’s account may be a little bit of medical TMI. I don’t go into details, but it may still be disturbing for some. This is going to be a bit long, and rambly, and a lot of me talking about things that I doubt most people are interested in, but I need to get it off my chest. So I won’t blame folks if they want to skip it. My writing has been crawling along, but mostly in putting together this account. So, this is what my week has been like…


The theme for this week started off early. Wednesday morning when I got up, I noticed that one of our cats, Thunder, wasn’t in his usual conspicuous spot on top of my legs. In fact, he didn’t appear to be in the bedroom at all. This wasn’t a great concern, because from time to time he will spend a night sleeping downstairs somewhere. I got dressed, and headed downstairs. Sure enough, he was sprawled comfortably on the floor downstairs. That was pretty much where the normal behavior stopped.

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