Balticon 46 Wrap up – Part 13, Live Reading

by Doc Coleman on May 20, 2013 · 0 comments

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At last we come to our final installment in the Balticon 46 Wrap up. It has been a fun trip down memory lane, and we’ve managed to get this last installment out to you before the beginning of Balticon 47! This final installment comes from a reading on Monday afternoon. The reading featured Gary Lester of Channel 37, myself, and Yoji Kondo. We’ve decided to divide the reading up into three sections. If you want to hear all three, you’ll have to visit the post for this episode.

The recording of this session is mine, but I’d shared it with the Channel 37 guys so they could post their part of the audio on their site. Well, that doesn’t seem to have gone according to plan, so I’ve included Gary Lester’s reading of “They Came from New Jersey” on my server, and if you’d like to listen you can find it here. When they finally post their version, I’ll change the link.

Yoji Kondo has a rather severe accent, so he employed a stunt reader to read from The Legacy of Prometheus, but did partake in some discussion before the reading. Some of that conversation is a little difficult to understand, so we’ve put his portion of the reading here for those who are interested.

So, the portion of the reading that I’m dropping into the feed is my reading from the Perils of Prague. This is an excerpt from the first draft of the novel and at the time of the recording, I was still doing revisions on the draft, but this reading will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect when the novel is finally published.  I hope you enjoy it, and you’ll look for my novel when it finally goes on sale.


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