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I just posted my schedule and already some things are changing! Most of them are small changes, adding or subtracting a few names from the schedule, filling in some gaps, identifying a moderator. That sort of thing. But there are some bigger things in store, too. We’ve added a new reading with author Justin Macumber on Sunday night! If you’re not making it to Balticon this year, you’re really missing out!

Here are the changes to the schedule. If you saw a panel on the last post and don’t see it here, it is unchanged. If you want a look at everything going on at Balticon, head to their website, or if you’re just trying to figure out where I’ll be, check out the Appearances page.

Meeting Other Podcasters

Friday at 4:00 pm in Derby

Why you should network with other podcasters, and what you should steer clear of.

Moderator: Chris Snelgrove

Panelists: Katie Bryski, Doc Coleman, Allison Gamblin, Nutty Nuchtchas, Nobilis Reed

Growing Up Who

Friday at 11:00 pm in Belmont Room

A discussion about the growth and changes in the look of Dr. Who sets, special effects and makeup over the years.

Moderator: Larry Reclusado

Speakers: Doc Coleman, Caramon Stanley

Favorite Villains from Doctor’s 2, 3, and 4

Saturday at 7:00 pm in Belmont Room

Panelists discuss which of the villains from Doctors 2, 3, and 4 were the most awesome and awful and why.

Moderator: Thomas Horman

Speakers: Doc Coleman, Alicia Goranson, Caramon Stanley

Dirty Mad Libs

Saturday at 10:00 pm in Chesapeake

Audience participation! We’re going to take pieces of classic erotica, cut out the author’s carefully chosen words, and ask you to replace them with your own.

Moderator:Patrick Scaffido

Panelists: Doc Coleman, Starla Huchton


Sunday at 2:00 pm in Derby

Author/podcasters participated in thirteen hangouts during the month of November, to talk about their writing projects, provide writing tips, and created a sense of support and accountability that helped us (and hopefully some of our viewers) during NaNoWriMo 2012. We can talk about NaNo in general, learnings from our 2012 live-streaming project, and plans we have for NaNo 2013.

Moderator: P. G. Holyfield

Panelists: Doc Coleman, Allison Gamblin, Pamela L. Gay, Starla Huchton, Hugh O’Donnell

Metamor City Live Show

Sunday at 5:00 pm in Derby

“Rafak Aliri and the Book of Shadows” — A plucky detective with a nose for trouble. A mysterious woman with a hidden agenda. A book of secrets that dangerous people will kill to possess. Come hear a live radio drama of mystery, magic and mayhem in the urban fantasy world of Metamor City, starring Chris Lester, Mildred Cady and the Metamor City Players.

Moderator: Chris Lester

Panelists: Mildred G. Cady, Renee Chambliss, Doc Coleman, Veronica R. Giguere, Hugh O’Donnell, Nobilis Reed, Patrick Scaffido

WordPress 101

Sunday at 6:00 pm in Chesapeake

Learning to go from novice to hero using the WordPress content management system.

Moderator: Pamela L. Gay

Panelists: Doc Coleman, Tim Dodge, Stephen Granade, Nutty Nuchtchas

Words of the Gun

Sunday at 11:00 pm in TBD

Authors from the forthcoming Way of the Gun anthology present readings from their stories. Come enter this alternate version of the wild west where Bushido, Steampunk, and gunpowder have fused together into a different type of society. This is not your father’s westerns!

Presenters: Doc Coleman, Justin R. Macumber

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