The Wayback Machine: Galley Table Episode Thirty-Seven: Balticon Plans!

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#FlashbackFriday is upon us again! This week The Wayback Machine is taking us back to May 19th, 2011 and episode 37 of Galley Table. It is very appropriate that we’re looking back two years ago as the Galley Table crew gathers to talk about our plans for Balticon, just as we’re preparing for Balticon again this year. This is an all crew episode, so no guests this time, but we are name dropping like crazy! Hopefully this will help whet your appetite for this year’s Balticon.

Show notes below the cut. 

Some special moments from the episode:

  • “I’m going to walk around with my shirt on, and my underwear…”
  • “Master Chif? I haven’t even been drinking.”
  • “Pay no attention to the man behind that microphone!”
  • “Enthusiasm, GO!”
  • “I was not allowed to be sober…”
  • “I’m going to tell myself that nothing happens on Thursday, because I’ve never made it to a Thursday at Balticon yet.”
  • “James Durham is one of those people that you love to hate…”
  • “It’s science.”
  • “Is that disasters in general, or a particular disaster?”
  • “There are so many talented people that I’ve run into…”
  • “Last time I was in the audience, this time I’m taking the stage!”
  • “Getting silly with Howard Taylor in those boots!”
  • “You didn’t know you had a reading?”
  • “I’m going to be spending an awful lot of time in Derby.”
  • “What is the state of the steampunk?”
  • “He is pretty terse on twitter.”
  • “You’ll need to sit in on that panel and send me some good vibes.”
  • “Can I make a plea, to anyone who is listening?”
  • “But it is caffeine and booze!”
  • “I never made time to just sit back and hang out with people.”
  • “We’re just going to drag you up from the audience.”
  • “Isn’t Balticon what started this whole venture?”
  • “I am very afraid of people, myself.”
  • “They left me holding Mur’s martini for about an hour.”
  • “Get a wingman.”
  • “Veronica keeps forgetting she IS famous podcaster people.”
  • “I have no clue who you are, but I’m going to give these to you anyway!”
  • “I signed somebody’s leg last year.”
  • “Laura, like, fangirled on me last year, and that confused me.”
  • “They would just tell me what they would use their magic wand for…”
  • “Be checking it out and get those creative juices flowing.”
  • “How Flagship is like a beer flight…”
  • “There are longer works to be had.”
  • “Because I am a procrastinating bastard.”
  • “This week I was blogging about toys.”
  • “The spambots are outnumbering the people, like, five to one.”
  • “Ding!”
  • “I have my powers and womanly wiles and that’s it.”
  • “He’s like the non-writer of our little crew and he needs to write more.”
  • “Yay! it’s my partner in crime.”
  • “That’s your job.”
  • “All of you who are modifying your Nerf weapons, I want you to know what the rules are.”
  • Random Question of the Week – What’s the last book you purchased?”
  • “Mars Life by Ben Bova.”
  • “Geist by Phillippa Ballentine.”
  • “Phoenix Rising by Phillipa Ballentine and Tee Morris.”
  • “David Subkwoiack purchased Ginnie Dare by Scott Roche.”
  • “Veronica Giguere got From Brain to Behavior.”
  • “That’s a textbook!”
  • “The Fiends Collection, Volume 1 by Paul E. Cooley.”
  • “The only thing creepier than the way Paul E. Cooley writes is the way he reads.”
  • “Robert E. Howard’s Savage Tales of Solomon Kane.”
  • “Barsoom was not Robert E. Howard. Barsoom was Edgar Rice Bouroughs.”
  • “It was all Conan.”
  • “Too bad the video game sucks.”
  • “Is Doc your actual name?”
  • “I had so much of my own, I left some for you.”
  • “I’m talking about my stuff right now.”
  • “We’re going to break our dinger with this show.”
  • “We publish a magazine?”
  • “Not that kind of fringe benefit!”
  • “Mr. Roche, take us out now.”
  • “Mas, mas mojitos.”

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